Monday, July 18, 2005


Haridwar. The very name evokes the Holy River Ganges. Faith. Devotion. Belief. Piety.

Har Ki Pauri. That’s where the Ganges flows. Walking on the riverbanks, with Sadhus, Sadhvis and people from all walks, rich, poor, different cultures, regions, religions, but with a common thread. Reverence, veneration for the Ganga.

As the sun sets slowly, the evening starts at the river bank with oil-lamps, earthern-lamps and drumbeats. Crescendo.

Indescribable feelings. Beyond anything.

The river. Flowing, fast, furious. Icy cold.

When I took a dip there, my mind went completely blank. No thoughts. No reflections. No musings. Revelation.

Does everyone have this feeling? Is this what is spirituality? Thoughts becoming no thoughts? No questions in the mind. No answers. Abstemious. Ascetic.

The Ganga does this to us. Strengthens. Rejuvenates. Restores devoutness, piousness.
Washes away ……more than our sins. Makes us aware of our own mortality.

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