Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Going in my mind
Over and over
Me crumbling
Under the weight
Of choice
Of weariness
Of weakness
Not knowing
What I want
None of us really
Knowing what
We want

Locked in
A prison
Of my own making
Chains feel
So nice
Kissed by
Healing the wounds

Yet knowing
No one to hold
Me when
I escape
No safety net
Other than the cage


Manoj said...

:) I like the last two lines...regarding the first few lines, i think i know what i want, but again everything in itself is incomplete and contradictory...being a math teacher you should have heard about godel's theorem.


gautami tripathy said...

At times what goes inside of our minds is contradictory. Life does not follow rules of the mathematics!!!

Manoj said...

Godel's theorem is not just another "mathematical" theorem. It deals with how an pre conceived notion crumbles in itself and surprisingly the theorem destroys itself. Its more like a philosophy, atleast to me.


gautami tripathy said...

IT is philosophy but maths is maths and life is life!!

By the way, who are you? How come I cannot see your profile?

void said...

well I cant differentiate much between philosophy and life. But thats just the way I look at life and I dont and cant expect everyone else to be that way.

Regarding my profile, I havent started blogging yet...time constraint is one reason but i have created an account in blogspot. One fine day I might start writing.


gautami tripathy said...

Well, without philosophy we cannot live!! We got to have it.

And the differences between us is what makes us unique.

Yes, one fine day you will start writing.

Rajendra Pradhan said...

While revising S&Co page-design, thought I should check all the blogs in the list. Pleased to be here.


gautami tripathy said...

Thanks Rajendra,

For being here.Appreciate it very much.


Known Stranger said...

some how i didnt feel like i am reading a poem but just word by word like a lkg student. is it that i am not so much to your level of writing or is this doesnt sound so ?