Monday, November 20, 2006

Getting along life mathematically

Add to the positivity
Subtract the negativity

Happiness is multiplied
Wretchedness is divided

Life has no linearity
Nor it has any similarity

More like tangential
With so little differential.

Facing ups and downs squarely
We can get along exponentially!


This math poem is simple enough. Hope you enjoy reading both the posts for today!!


Plus Ultra said...

Lovely mathematics that always add up to a infite life, love your blog, can I put u on my links,please reply to my blog if possible

Anonymous said...


Margie said...

love this one!


Amalendu said...

It is refreshing...

gautami tripathy said...

plus ultra: Thanks. You are welcome to link me. I will do the same too. I will visit your blog ASAP!

pamela, margie and amalendu: thanks!

ghost particle said...

//Life has no linearity
Nor it has any similarity//

Ahha! This is so true, practical application of life. We never trully go forward, as we divide and branch out. Nice.

gautami tripathy said...

thanks ghost.

polona said...

you made life, math and poetry work beautifully together!

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks again, polona!

tlchang said...

Deceptively simple, hence even more profound.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

gautami tripathy said...

thanks. I have linked you to my blog>