Sunday, November 05, 2006


“honestly . . .”
beginning of many
warped sentences:
partial reality that coat
so when we look
into his flat words,
we try to see something
in the eyes of the speaker,
to give us some inkling
about his ever-changing

perhaps our efforts
are wasted;
yet we have to do it
for our own insight
into his twisted mind.


Writing about all those two-faced human beings. Trying to understand the way their mind works....I know it is a futile exercise but....


Pat Paulk said...

Some people multi-task at being two-faced. Honesty is too bright a light for them to live in. Good poem Gautami!!

Homo Escapeons said...

You can't change them. You can only keep your guard up and be aware that they are in this world for themselves and that is all that there is to it.
Find a safe path that goes around them.

samuru999 said...

Excellent poem!
I have known a few too many people like this!


Ces said...

Oh Gautamy, thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments. I like this poem. I hate it when people start with that. What's the other choice "dishonestly?". Also same as "Do you want my honest opinion?" or "Do you you want me to tell the truth?" I respond "No please, lie to me!"

A first nice post to read. I will be back and will lnk you when I go home this evening. Thank you.

Poetry by Kai said...


gautami tripathy said...

pat: Yes. They aren't even aware any more that they are two faced! Thats norml for them.

homo escapeons: I kind of ignore what they say. Sometimes it easy, others has to grin and bear it!

margie: Too many of them nowadays!

ces: thanks for being here. I loved your blog.

kai: you are welcome. Hope I see you more often.

polona said...

well done!
i try to stay away from such people as much as possible...

Plus Ultra said...

Two faced or masks...they are the same, some wear their masks so long that when they take off the masks they find their faces have been created in the image of the masks.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

There are so many of them!!

Ces said...

Gautami, I just read your profile. FEYNMAN and EINSTEIN!!! You are welcome at my home - I have a husband who reads all of Feynman's books and lectures :-) and Einstein's books. He'll be thrilled if I mention I "blogger-met" you and mention those two geniuses.

therapy said...

good stuff:)
I think you wrote about half the world.

gautami tripathy said...

polona: You do the right thing..

plus ultra: they forget which is the real one..

ces: Thanks. One day I might take yup your offer.

therapy: Maybe..:D

gautami tripathy said...

j. andrew lochart: gee, yes there are..

Ghost Particle said...

Hi gautami...sorry for the long delay...been very busy! How r you?

Nice nice poem, it tells of human nature. Many ways to describe people then.

gautami tripathy said...

Ghost, how have you been? I voted for you.

Cocaine Jesus said...

it seems to me that there are more people like this than there are straight talking ones.

gautami tripathy said...

cocaine jesus: true. Life is more about grey than black and white.

Ghost Particle said...

Thanx gautami...I dont know I've won or not!? hahahaha...

gautami tripathy said...

I wish you luck, Ghosty!

M. Shahin said...

"yet we have to do it
for our own insight
into his twisted mind."

Yes, I've known people like this, and I'm always trying to understand the inner workings and motivations behind their actions. Thanks for sharing.