Tuesday, February 23, 2010

used envelope

in that snatch of paper
I list stuff
my pens in various state of disintegration
I make arrows out of those
my erasures falling apart
work as dices
my pencils all so blunt
I cut into small stacks
the paper I write on-
is a part of used envelope
all supposedly waste
decidely play a part in my life
I create magic out of those
aura reaching out to all

in my own small way-
useless junk I recycle,
to save our mother Earth


sarah said...

Lovely! :-) Or perhaps lovely is not quite the word to use for your poetry, which always seems spiced to me, and sinewy, and with some interesting texture running beneath.

Percy Bisque Silley said...

Lovely indeed! :-)

To me your Poesy always seems rippled and dimpled, darting and dauntless, running just above the tree line like the flight of the Bonko Bird.

Lorraine said...

I love this, I do the same ;)man I have to look up Bonko Bird!!! i feel so ignorant

Lorraine said...

Hell! would you believe that the first thing google search comes up with is Percy bisque Silley for a definition of Bonko Bird...I'm I'm....well hell I'm speechless

rallentanda said...

Good for you Tripletoes in regard to the recycling.Magic created out of scraps of ideas and paper.Bonko
Birds are becoming quite a problem on poetry sites.Need for a culling!

Anonymous said...

a pleasure. thanks for this

Paul Oakley said...

This is lovely, gautami! Wonderful the way you describe your process to lyricize your belief. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Great imagery throughout.

Anonymous said...

made me smile...

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Your poem opens describing my process with this prompt.

how I adore poetic kindred spirits, found online!

Your words blended so effortlessly and told your story so well.

Thank you.

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

Lovely. Very visual, how you describe what you do with the pens, the paper, the envelopes, the erasers.


rob kistner said...

great little piece Gautami - tight and visual... felt as though I was at your writing desk.



Anonymous said...

I like the idea of writer as recycler of all the paraphenalia of language.

Wayne Pitchko said...

well done Gautami...thanks for sharing

Tumblewords: said...

I like that you believe in recycling for mother Earth. Neat poem!

Anonymous said...

Well used, I would add. Writing might begin as some sort of spark, but writing enters the world physically, and here, you've described the essence of tools to do this work. Some or many may now use a keyboard (a different kind of spark) but underneath it is still scraps and paper and pencils that do the work.

Wonderful image you've writ!

flaubert said...

This is a truly lovely poem and full of imagery. Thanks for sharing!


Erin Davis said...

Mmmmm...the poet as the ultimate recycler. Love it!