Sunday, November 16, 2014

soulful lingering

in the highway
subtle is a misnomer
fresh palate hints of sex
toasty thrill of lingering soul
yields but a mix of emotions
speeding tends to the palpitating heart
I burn in the darkness
in the deep stark night
something flickers
everything so silent
except you sitting by the candles
sound of your breathing drives me insane

I close my eyes
my mind travels again on that highway
yet nothing can take away the subtle whiff  
of lingering sex. not while you sit so still..

Sunday, November 09, 2014


such a singer that owl
his eyes shine in the dark night
his fervor does not find favor with me
as I am at crossroads
all my plans in the mud

birds may symbolize freedom
I do not see a thread of it
in that owl's song
maybe I should let it sit on the crocus
or a rose or two

"the thorns would stop his singing
but the flowers would commit suicide"

Saturday, November 01, 2014

marking time

standing underneath the wind chimes
I contemplate about the future
I get over my grey thoughts
as the rain no longer sounds like dirge

I think of you, feel a spark of joy
the sun sees my spilling happiness
and dispels the cold
the birdbaths sway as I find my way to you

no jaded feeling can slash me now 
your mere presence is enough
I have waited a lifetime
I can wait a few more hours

a mirage, a reality-
doesn't matter--
if one wishes for togetherness till eternity

Sunday, October 26, 2014

In the chaos, I desire peace

she stands there wearing strange socks
speedy recovery from a frivolous illness
looking at the surroundings
I almost have an apocalyptic vision

the inklings of that echoes in my literary works
gnarled roots do not go with healthy poppies
such a weird thought, 
a passing fancy of desiring thorns.

with an audible sigh,  
I dread her entry into the teens
thirteen going on thirty
I go blue in the face thinking.

"she standing in the midst of chaos-
such an apt epilogue for the goings in my mind"

Sunday, October 19, 2014

dance of freedom

crazy emotions dance with glee
a shadow of childhood is glimpsed
I can't play a martyr-
not to you, a complete stranger now
why are you preaching like a seer?

I am alone maybe, not lonely-
why wonder what secret makes me go-
why are you astounded by my laughter?
remember, it is the steel in me
that you never could see.

"I will not be a prisoner of the past
while the future shines like a diamond"

Sunday, October 12, 2014


such a tease in that mirror
with hypnotizing eyes
no gimmick there
just that the flesh has a mind of its own
it only listens to lust

such a torture for both our brains
but I am not going to chicken out
my mind trains itself discipline
it is not uniform thought
i am no machine

"let me rub lotion on me
a mundane task in the river of emotions"

Sunday, August 10, 2014

what reaches out...does anyone know?

Keith Haring 

my eye catches the heart in you
I bend to it
there is no limit to hold those parts
I want everyone out of my way
our way gives on to east lane

what if no one believes?
there is still a grain of truth 
it is in that straight line
yet randomly held by a thin thread
sound is but silent

if only your heart was a painting,
I would be in it
delineated yet distinct
you watch from afar
aloof to all but yourself

"that thud in your heart echoes in mine miles away.
miles away."

Sunday, July 06, 2014

calling into the ghosts

an image or an apparition
blind to the ragged rain 
a wavering candle hidden beneath a cape
ghosts call for blood
as he runs to the foot of the hill
arms akimbo blind to everything other than to escape
a mission impossible to achieve

"if only it was just as simple to run away from inner fears"

Sunday, June 01, 2014

reflecting a random thought

countless dreams-
I don't wish to chase any now
I would rather follow the sturdy terrain
continue paving the way to that field where
the scent of the flora beckons me

I propel forward by an unknown force
and lean against a tree to gather my breath
the jovial wind touches me with fluid movements
the hard earth underneath my feet steadies me
yet I am distracted by a nameless something

"at least I won't be needing my pills tonight
I am already so high on nature"

Sunday, May 25, 2014

all that paraphernalia

I survey before me
stuck in there
a display for donations
treat for some eyes maybe
my smile is fixed
I can't laugh anymore

take me out of here, mate
I have a meeting in few hours
listen to my heart flutter
while pigeons squeak in the background
north or south
do I really care?

let me climb down
before my face explodes
and you see that in a news report tomorrow
on second thoughts
I will stay here
let the meeting come to me

"walls are what we build to be secure
then why do we feel that loss of freedom?"