Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Complexity of stillness

in the stillness
there is cacophony
inside my head

I seek company
of strangers on the beach
but seagulls come and sit with me

they peck and pet me
I like the role reversal
of birds caring for me

"if only humans did that"

@gautami.tripathy April 25, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

complexity of simple things

I should have read through the signs
you never wrote a poem for me
you never even read a poem to me

not that I wished for grandiose words
or diamond, platinum or gold
nor did I want hot house flowers

you could have given me music like
few old record of beatles
or dog-eared Physics books

"no one gets the inner thoughts, no one even tries to get it"

@gautami.tripathy April 24, 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

complexity of wearing anklets

so I lost an anklet today, silver with tinkling bells
maa, you bought the pair for me when I started to work
it was your gift to me for start of a new innings

I wore the pair everywhere for so long
and one fine day, I took it off for reasons forgotten
no tinkling and life was uncomplicated

when I found those again a few weeks back
my elation knew no bounds and yours was so transparent
I danced around that day, just for that tinkling sound

"maa, you found the lost one under my bed, am I glad my life is hunky dory yet again"

@gautami.tripathy April 19, 2016

complexity of meandering

it will remain nameless, this relationship
which came out of nothing
and will go into oblivion

I simply meandered into it
despite all misgivings and warnings
on that invisible wall

why a simple soul like me
got embroiled with an oafish person
blockheaded to the core?

"there never is a rhyme and reason for such happenings, let me be, let me be"

@gautami.tripathy April 19, 2017

Doing Three Word Wednesday after a long long time. My muse had all but disappeared. Now it seems to back and I hope to write more. 

postcard for maa

so I lost an anklet
maa, it was your gift to me
for start of a new innings

one day, I took it off
for reasons forgotten

"PS: maa, you found the lost one under my bed, 
am I glad my life is hunky dory yet again"

 @gautami.tripathy April 19, 2016

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

complexity of reading old letters

in the bureau, I find some old letters
yellowed, cracked but words still intact
dad, you wrote those to me when I was 15

I had forgotten about those in the gadgetry
of today's lifestyle. However, I had saved the
letters to read again at some point of time

in the deafening silence, I took those out today
and touched the words. Rediscovering your love
is not the highlight. calming me, is what I found.

"money has no meaning when it is not circulated. but what of it, what of it?"

@gautami.tripathy April 18, 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017

complexity of random musings

I listen to your song and sigh
as I can't reach you any other way
I want the barrier to disappear

I follow the dog to that tree trunk
where he has hidden my memory card
I scrape it out of the ground

my nail breaks and hangs limp
the breeze does nothing to soothe me
I turn back to the song again

"I pick a little stone and rub it on that CD and taste blood"

@gautami.tripathy April 16, 2017

complexity of twisting endings

who cheated me with those salted cashew shaped biscuits
God knows, you won't be forgiven any time soon
I ate those thinking of the real thing

you know, you spoiled my tea time
now I can't look at those without thinking of killing you
I can't even pick up any other savories

who thought of making those biscuits
should be made to stand under the sun
for the whole day, till he browns like the biscuits

"maybe he needs a medal for making us eat less calories,
because we won't be touching those any time soon"

@gautami.tripathy April 16, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

complexity of a meltdown

meltdown. not a good thing to have
however, one can't control it
when the mind refuses to listen

shutdown. maybe one needs it
to regroup, to recoup
to forget to be able to remember

those fun moments of bygones
carefree laughter, and joys unhindered
have to come back, to smile again

"I, who never had an emptied mind, am all for the vacuumed brain"

@gautami.tripathy April 15, 2017

Friday, April 14, 2017

complexity of dead muse

the muse, they say has a mind of its own
sometimes it flows like water
at other times there is a massive drought

words are there, thoughts are there
but there is no semblance of order
or maybe the mind simply shuts over

phase of hibernation before waking up
to rejuvenate, to renew, to shed the old
for a new beginning with new everything

"only the muse can be brought back from the dead, or should I say undead?"

@gautami.tripathy April 14, 2017