Monday, May 31, 2010

sky as my canvas of thoughts

clouds are like doors
for something above there
I get glimpses of those
and reason out scientifically
yet the beauty doesn't fade
the aura transcends,
permeates and fuses
one can't label it
the ever-changing yet static sky
grounds me. the mass of space
overwhelmes me. I get to know
my blind side, hitherto, ignored.

"doesn't it feel good to go back to being a child?"

Sunday, May 30, 2010

do we need any reason to love?

whose DNA was she carrying?
a question she couldn't answer
drugged, gagged, kidnapped
for five years she had been lost to him
out of mind for all those years-
caring for their daughter kept him sane
when he caught up with her
following all leads
in that snowbound villa
he found 22 of them, including her
most of them pregnant
some barely recognisable

how could he leave her,
now that she needed him most-
now that he needed her most
miracles found her again
love would get them through
that would their mantra


Updated@ 18:55: I should have mentioned it here that this came after I finished reading Snowbound by Blake Crouch, a thriller, to be published in July 2010. A very disturbing book. My verse is review of sorts although I will write a full review soon, on my other blog.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

undefined paths

a precise image
caught in the flash of memories
there isn't anything gradual
a breathe of a moment
lights up in an instant
solemn yet effervescent
blindly I follow its chaotic path
a photograph, few words-
embroidered tapestry

knowing not what,
I abandon it,
giving in to sheer glee of that.
a poignant or pleasurable moment;
you decide.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

a tale which doesn't have a happy ending

glistening dew on grass
remind me of beady eyes
of that dragon
whom I befriended
in my nocturnal forays
unafraid of his hissing
I had touched him softly
and felt him crumbling to my touch
he reciprocated
his talons so sharp and scary
but I remained unscathed

after the world slept
we roamed the forbidden lands
hidden skys, tunnelled earth
before the first light of sun,
he used to hide, I never knew where
one night I found his hide
cut into million of pieces
blood all over, nothing else left
now I roam the obsolete underworld
between dead and undead

"why shed a tear for me?
I won't see it or feel it"

Saturday, May 22, 2010


tentacles of roots
permeate the soil
floating within the earth
embrace secrets manifold
like the limbs of octopus
holding onto its prey

I escape resolutely
from my tentacles of shackles
bury those in a deep hole
and I float far away

Sunday, May 16, 2010

recipe of love brews well

my tremulous dream
find you in my arms
I breath in your scent
blow into your ear.
with the touch of my fingers
your heart beat picks mine-
you turn me towards you
unrelentingly watch me trembling,
with our combined feelings.
your rigid posture gives in to me

over the years I have fined tuned
our recipe of love, even though

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


my brush flows weightlessly
on that canvas
I blindly paint away
my fears on it
the pictures that emerge is beyond me
you are jolted by it
and try to snatch it
I hold on to it ignoring your pleas
to throw it away
I walk out with my canvas
leaving you behind

unknowingly I stripped you bare,
seeing you for what you are
in my mind's eye

Saturday, May 08, 2010

rein in the ruined reign

ruins call out to me
I gravitate towards it
reigns of the past loom large
overshadowing all in its wake
I rein in my chaotic thoughts
giving in to utter bliss of the moment-
past, present, future merged together

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

silent alphabets

alphabets of speech
escape in vibrant spaces
leaving silent hums

Sunday, May 02, 2010


it arrives solo
nibbles into nature-

an event of sorts?


intangibles is mirrored in the orbs of your eye
however, you see me watching you intimately
to read the mystery embedded deeply. you sigh

unwilling to share that enigma shielded so closely
by none other than you. even from me, who is but
you. I discerned it right from the beginning, wholly

accepting it, questions farther from my mind. shut
me out, if you must, in the end you have to arrive
tapping at my heart, asking to stay, twisting my gut.

you know not, your love shows though you strive
to keep it in check by your coldness or plain anger
nothing can hide that aura bursting forth. deprive

me if you must, why deny yourself that sensation
which is beyond intelligence, beyond comprehension?