Sunday, February 28, 2010

slumber: haiku-lets

deprived of sleep
I slumber dreamily in the day
when morbidity digs

digged morbidity
turns around and runs away
heaven eludes

heaven: misnomer;
cloaking that invisibilty
of our ignorance

an ignorant mind
is delirious in itself
leave it well alone

aloneness suits-
mind turns towards bigger dreams
thriving within it


I call those dancing verses, renamed haiku-let here. I have not done this for a while and thought why not chain my disjointed thoughts here in those short verses? Let me know what you think. Only Sir Silley is barred from commenting..:D

Saturday, February 27, 2010

leaves clinging to me like limpets

brown dots of decay has started to show
my gnarled branches sway slowly
you can see the cracks in me
I can't hear the beatific sounds
of wind. I think of how I chimed
to its hmm. it only makes me sad;
tears slowly fall from my eyes.
music of the soil is holding me now
I like the wetness of rain as never before
rooted I stand, the wood roughened
yet I have hope that keeps me alive
new shoots will come off me,
I will again go green, leaves clinging
to me like limpets, greyness forgotten.

"running away was never a hallmark of a tree, why should I let it be now?"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

airing that fire

before I feel you,
I feel the tease of your breath
on my neck-
I close my eyes
suck in my breath,
at the soft touch of you on my shoulder.
you understand my shyness-
your movements are unhurried;
your passion generates fire in me
in that mist of desire
my meager protest disappears
I turn towards you eagerly...

in the aftermath,
you snuggle into my back
and say, "that wasn't difficult, was it?"
cherishing the closeness-
smiling I fall asleep
dreaming of you, of us.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

used envelope

in that snatch of paper
I list stuff
my pens in various state of disintegration
I make arrows out of those
my erasures falling apart
work as dices
my pencils all so blunt
I cut into small stacks
the paper I write on-
is a part of used envelope
all supposedly waste
decidely play a part in my life
I create magic out of those
aura reaching out to all

in my own small way-
useless junk I recycle,
to save our mother Earth

Sunday, February 21, 2010

night sounds

fraught with such distraught
in darkness he touched her arm;
said, dispel my insomnia

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I tidy up the spilled frosted sugar

literally walking on eggshells,
I scratch my nails on my palm
patter of your feet stops my panic
my ragged breath rights itself
I tidy up the spilled frosted sugar
at times I can't fathom
the way fact occurs along with fiction
red welts on my arms tell a tale of decay
when you rub that salve to soothe it
I close my eyes and let you wash over me

Saturday, February 13, 2010

words broken into tiny pieces

I build my words one over the other
carefully brick those in
cement the edges;
look at my work from afar
note the unevened plains
I again break each portion in tiny bits
rearrange differently
my own words give me strength
I mix it with pleasure
add gold sheen to polish
watch it reflected in your seductive eyes

"your presence takes my poetry to a higher plane"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

a colouring book

in the cheap pages of her colouring book,
she draws pictures,
a ball of yarn, a balloon
a few scattered stars
the sun and the moon
she sketches her mother too
the face being blurred
her dad holding both their hands
her world is small
yet her yearning so big
those colours smudge-
demarcate too
trapping her within

"that blank page at the end says it all for that lonely child"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

yet another one for you, dad

quite clearly I hear my father
climbing up the stairs

with a inviting smile
I open the door wide
in that expanse of landing
I see empty nothingness
yet feel his righteous presence
while my heart soars
my lucid mind tells me otherwise
he has been gone for few years now
and can not be salvaged
I close the door
lean against it

quite clearly I hear my father
climbing down the stairs

Sunday, February 07, 2010

cryptic messages

cryptic messages
I find in my inbox
turn those around

heightened sensations
do me in, night sounds
pale in comparison

slowly my toes curl,
thoughts unfurl, I give
myself to imagination

"all this from mere words, turning a phrase here and there"

waking in to dreams

melting luscious lips,
soft as rose petals
moist, glowing
sensually inviting

though asleep, she
made him fall in love.
he swayed, ready to
wake her up with a kiss.

with breath held up
she waited for his lips
to merge with hers,
so as to she could

simulate to be woken up.
a prince who loved
her to eternity and back
for what she was.

she wanted to leave
her past far behind-
she was so fed up.
witch had cursed her

a new lover each night
since she was sixteen.
for a while, she had enjoyed
pleasures of the flesh.

while those thoughts
chased in her mind-
the prince bent down
kissing her softly.

"voltage jolting through, she ceased being a single entity"

Thursday, February 04, 2010

odor of memories make me lurch towards you, my friend

after almost three decades
you have drifted away
you didn't look back
my cards sent back unopened
emails discarded
when I see you online
and connect with you
you turn away
switch off mentally from me
my thoughts frantic
I still try to be in touch

"odor of memories make me lurch towards you,
you, a friend I made in my first day of college-
don't let the show get in the way of life"


This is about one of my closest friend of 27 years, who for no apparent reason refuses to acknowledge her old friends, me included. She might have her reasons. And we would understand those reasons if only she shared with us. I truly wish her well in whatever she does, wherever she is.