Wednesday, September 19, 2018

whirlwind of incomprehension

I used to write dark poetry. Even my love poems were dark. Poetry flows forth when emotions run riot.

Right now, no dark poetry but I will be back with that soon.....

#ShortPoetry #LovePoem

whirlwind of incomprehension

the pages are fluttering
I fill the blankness with squiggles
meaningless for everyone
but loaded with messages for you

a cynic and a recluse bonded forever
by unknown forces of mystical origin
which transcends beyond words

the pages have been tamed
the squiggles are dancing
songs pour forth in unison
from the heated walls

I am carving a statue out of my poem
you are connecting the wires of the voice box
we are surrounded by silent songs of redolent love

"come sweetheart, I will the peal the  onions and garlics
you chop the tomatoes and dice the carrots"