Thursday, December 29, 2005

Stinged!(55 words)

“Can you come?”



I listened for some more time and went out.

We worked at it just the way we had thought and went our ways.

We both had fulfilled our resolution to catch him before the coming New Year.

THE MINISTER resigned. He had been caught on camera for propositioning a girl.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


my resolutions
made before morning light
escaped at twilight

Monday, December 26, 2005

John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden

John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden” is a fascinating book that traces out story of two generations of two families whose lives are somehow interlinked. We can say that its by chance rather than design. Their lives are correlated to land and nature as was the norm in those times and even now we can see that in our world. In that way nothing has changed in all those years. The rebuilding of the man in the face of adversity, the tenacity of mind and body, mind eternally seeking and questioning, trying to find answers for his faith and belief and in some case just acceptance.

Are we not all questing to find answers about ourselves, our convictions or about the paradox called life?

It has well etched characters….so well that we can identify with them.

LEE: I think he is one of best character in the book. He is unlike any other servant. He himself says that a servant can be the master of the man he is serving. But we never see him imposing on Adam Trask at any place. He is more of a family to them than anyone else. He is the one who brings up Cal and Aron single handedly. It is he who keeps them together. He is practical, down to earth and lots of philosophy going inside him. Even when he leaves for his dream bookstore, we want him to come back as soon as he leaves. He does come back when he realizes that it is only thing he wants and they are the only family he ever had. Hence we see him unpacking his things and making a home for himself. It is he who teaches about choices and from him we learn that it is what we want ourselves to be and not the blood, which flows within us. His study of the Old Testament goes much beyond mere academic interest. He reminds us of Timshel----“thou Mayest.”

LISA: Somehow she made a great impression in my mind. Loaded with faith, belief, practicality and hard work, she knew how to look after her large family. She with her no frills, no nonsense attitude reminds me of the matriarchs of our own land. As long as there is plenty of food on the table, other things did not bother her. She kept her family together and accepted life and death, as they should be.

TOM and DESSI are like any other brother and sister…. loving and affectionate. Despite that they could not communicate with each other as both had a few demons to slay and did not want the other to worry about those. Maybe if they had shared, both would have lived. Maybe….who knows…

CAL and ARON: of the twins Cal is more interesting. He behaves like any other sibling in the circumstances where he knows that his brother is more loved and favoured. Just one look at Aron, everyone loves him but Cal has to fight for it. Most of us have gone through these phases in some way or the other. So we can identify with him. Best thing about Cal is, he knows what he does is wrong but in his jealousy he does not realize it. It comes later after the deed is done. He has deep love for his father and his twin, Aron. He does not hate his mother either. He is simply indifferent towards her.

Aron lives in a world of his own. Where everything is perfect. Only goodness and brightness prevails. Even the girl he loves is perfect in his eyes with no flaws. He cannot accept imperfection. He cannot accept that his mother is a whore. He seeks escape the only way he knows by joining the army.

CATHY/KATE: Much has been written about her. She being evil, a monster, what drove her to it no one knows. But we do see flashes of loneliness. I think even she was not aware of those. In her world, there is no place for any one other than herself…no one and nothing. She is beyond redemption.

Like in this timeless novel, East of Eden, we can still find people just like those. We have Sams, Lees, Adams, Charles, Lisas, Toms, Cals, Arons and above all Cathys amongst us. Good and evil have to coexist or how do we distinguish one from the other. If there is GOD, there is SATAN too.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Celebrations for me....

Christmas celebration for me.............. exchanging greetings.

....being with my mom, three brothers and their families.

....buying gifts for everyone. seasons gets into the spirit.

Though traditionally we do not celebrate Christmas but we have all been together on XMas Day as long as I remember..


Tuesday, December 20, 2005



After one look at him, the child turned towards GOD.

“Oh my God!" Is he my future?”

“Yes, my child, he is.”

“But he looks so wrinkled and queer.”

“Does he?”


“Do not look a t his outer appearances. See what’s beneath it. Learn from him, his wisdom, his worldly experiences, his thoughts about life. Carefully absorb what he tells you. And child, don’t you see the love in his eyes?

“Yes, I can.”

“Enjoy and savour that. He is the only one who will love you unconditionally, without any reservations. He will pamper you and indulge you…….”


“Yes, my child, after you get to know him, you will love him and want to be just like him.”

“Thank you GOD. For making me see light.”

“Bless you my child.”

God disappeared leaving the child and his grandparent alone together.
Grand Parent's Yearnings/Blessings!

In you, I see a part of me
You, I bless with all my heart

How I wish to be as innocent as you
How I wish to be as young as you
How I wish to be as sweet as you
How I wish to have more time with you

How I wish to be part of your life
How I wish to watch you grow
How I wish you teach you all about life
How I wish just to be with you

Go ahead and see the world
Learn to live and learn to love
Do not grab but only give
Remember what goes round comes around

What you sow is what you reap
What you give is what you get
Remember this diktat, my child
Love is what makes the world go about

Give unconditionally and watch the fun
No more hatred, killing none.
This is what I can teach.
Before I go, before I sleep.

But now my day has come
I have to go, have to leave
HE has plans for me unknown
Smile for me and let me go!

Monday, December 19, 2005

The race goes on……..

Slowie the tortoise and fastie the hare started the race just as their ancestors had done. From the same place.

Fastie was out of range in no time, throwing dust on his way.

Poor Slowie! He trudged along wearily but was not defeated. He knew of the old story where his grandfather had won the race. So he kept along, not pausing anywhere in between.

When he reached the half-way mark, he saw Fastie sleeping so peacefully. He smiled and with a burst of energy, he walked along with gusto….

When he reached there, he saw Fastie nibbling a carrot at the finishing line. But he could not recall the hare running past him. "May be I had missed him," he thought and walked away dejectedly.
He never realised it was Fastest,the identical twin of Fastie! Both had planned this for years!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rescue...Part 2...55er!



Short while ago, he had been damning her to hell but had saved her from drowning!!

“What happened?”

“Bill left me.”


“Will you take me back?”

“I love you.”

”Me too.”

He held her close, kissing her with deep passion. Slowly he held her away from him.

“Goodbye,” he said walking away.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


What is emptiness?
Only a state of mind
thoughts filled in

Monday, December 12, 2005

Crumbling with time....Ecphrasis

What use is this mausoleum built of stone?
Which will anyway crumble with time.
I will use words to shroud my rotting bone.
Neither do I want pyramids as a shrine.
Wishing by the light of sun and moon,
Rustling winds whispering name that’s mine

Picture Courtsey: Ashish Gorde of Eureka Express

When one writes prose or poetry inspired by a painting or a photograph or an image of any sort it is known as Ecphrasis.

All is lost

“What am I supposed to do now?” he asked himself looking at his basket of bananas.

“How do I tell him to let her go? Holding on to the past has lost us everything, our banana grooves, depleted our finances, and for what?”

“Here I am selling the bananas from the same garden which I owned once and all he does is look at her grave.”

“There he goes, sitting always at the same place. And never giving another thought for me or the poor kids of his.”

The old man kept talking to himself. Their only source of livelihood now was selling bananas in front of the mausoleum which his son had built for his beloved wife…..after selling everything they had owned.

Picture courtsey: Ashish Gorde from Eureka Express( see my blog link)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lucky?.....(55 words)

“Ouch.” It just missed being hit.

“It will only take a while.” The voice was disembodied.

“Please, I cannot take it anymore.” Very timidly.

“Just relax.”

All this seemed to come from so faraway.


It had been spared the ordeal of being killed in the womb, as it turned out to be a HE.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Where and how do I write?

When a seed of an idea comes into my mind, I just play around with it in my head. With a stub of a pencil, I put that on a piece of paper in no particular order. I do it sitting amidst my students. Watching them fills me with creativity and only then I can write......

I need endless cups of tea....or just plain hot milk.....

I work on my obsolete PC for the finishing product. Thank GOD for small mercies!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


“At last.” He thought, waiting for her to check out. He was elated as he was going to see her after 12 years.

Though they had been corresponding for all those years but had had no opportunity to meet. He remembered her as the chubby faced pigtailed teenager.

And she had refused to send her picture, as she hated being photographed. Not even to him, who loved her so much.

Anyways, it did not matter now. She will be there in front of him in a few minutes. He was getting impatient, though.

There she was. He would have recognised her anywhere. She looked just the way he had visualised her.

She looked around and saw him. "Hello," she said shyly.

“My, my, how you have grown! And you look so good,” he replied.

“So do you,” She said, poking her finger into his chest and hugged him close.” I have missed you all these years.”

Hugging her back, he said, “So have I, little sister.”

Thursday, December 01, 2005

55 Fiction.............What is it......

The first rule of 55 Fiction writers may seem obvious, but it's broken more often than you might think. One should remember that these are fiction, not essays or poems or errant thoughts.

A lot of people have a hard time getting that straight, no doubt because they have a hard time believing that writing something so short is really possible. They usually end up with only part of a story, often with their character stranded in a situation going nowhere.

So although some may have a more complex definition of just what constitutes a "story," for our purposes, a story is a story only if it contains the following four elements: 1) a setting; 2) a character or characters; 3) conflict; and 4) resolution.

For those who think this is limiting their creativity, consider for a moment that:

* All stories have to be happening someplace, which means they have to have a setting of some kind, even if it's the other side of the universe, the inner reaches of someone's mind, or just the house next-door.

* Characters can have infinite variations. People, animals, clouds, microbes. Anything.

* By conflict, we merely mean that in the course of the story, something has to happen. The lovers argue. The deer flees. The astronauts wait in anticipation. Even in this last example, something is happening, even though no one is moving or talking. There is conflict, which leads us to:

* The outcome of the story, known also as the resolution. This doesn't necessarily mean that there's a moral ("Justice is its own reward," "In the end, love triumphs"), or even that the conflict itself is resolved. It may or may not be.

But what it does mean is that when the story ends, someone has to have learned something.

In this genre, there are no descriptive adverbs or adjectives, but the reader should be able to see the entire scene perfectly. The author stretches the form by having his story start even before his narrative begins, and end beyond his final phrase, making it seem longer than just 55 words.

The main advantage to suggestion is conveying information economically. When the reader knows what you're talking about without your saying so, fewer words are needed. The disadvantage, of course, is losing sight of whether the reader is following you. Too much suggestion becomes obscure and confusing. That's a common error. So is trying to tell too complicated a story in such a tiny space. This 55 Fiction demands a tight focus.

Telling a story in a traditional narrative mode is probably the best approach for new writers, but keep in mind that 55 Fiction encourages experimentation.


It should be a whole story, not a broken thought.

Rescue......( addicted to 55ers)

“Bitch, may she suffer the way I am doing!” he sat there speaking to the sea.

“Help,” it came from the sea.

“Shit, some fool has got into the sea in this rotten weather.” He thought.

“Coming.” He shouted.

“Here, take my hand, we will be ashore in no time.”


He had rescued her!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tables Turned...(55 words)

“Ma’am, will you please explain this question?” This, from a student in the middle of an examination.

“This is easy enough. You don’t know it?”

“No ma’am.”

“Who teaches you?’



Still no answer.

“I am waiting.”

“You, ma'am.”

Now it was the teacher’s turn to be silent. She didn’t know where to look.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Beyond her............55 words story.....

She looked at the tranquil sea from the balcony of her apartment, softly playing her guitar.

“Ruhani, get on with your studies. Your friends are doing very well and all you ever do is to sit there and strum your guitar.”

She stopped playing and emptying her mind of all thoughts, she jumped down.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I believe................

I believe in inner beauty
I believe in inherent goodness
I believe in magic
I believe in miracles
I believe in faith

I believe in love
I believe in friendship
I believe in doing silly things
I believe in just being myself
I believe in people

I believe in laughing with the world
I believe in crying too
I believe in power of healing by positive thinking
I believe in peace
I believe in humanity

I believe in hugging myself in the face of adversity
I believe in being a stronger person after any misfortune
I believe in laughing at myself
I believe in all the small things we do for each other
I believe in my heart

I believe in my mind
I believe in soul
I believe in my creator
I believe……….
Just believe……

I certainly DO NOT believe in ANY religion

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Another 55 words story......

“No office today?”

“Getting up.”

He couldn’t let her know today

Wearily he got up and found his breakfast served.

“I have to go early.” Saying this she left for her office.

He nodded his head and as soon as she left, he went back to bed.

He had been thrown out of his job.

Why do I write?

When thoughts form in my mind, I write poetry.
There is an inner compulsion to do that.
When I am emotional, it all pours out in the shape of words.
At times, too raw, just gushing out.

Sometimes, I write without thinking
Mostly when I think, I am unable to write.
By my writing, I let out my feelings, emotions, thoughts, views, and opinions.

Writing brings peace to the core of my heart.
It gets me nearer to my creator.
It makes me in commune with nature.

Friday, November 25, 2005

A Living Loss.....

Please read this post A Living Loss

Everyone needs to read this so that we can make the right choices!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Inner Voice

The little voice within me
Does not let me sway
When I go astray
Its gets me back on my way

Giving Thanks

I wish every one A Very Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful to my parents for making me what I am today.

I am thankful to my brothers for always being there for me.

I am thankful to all me dear friends.........who have enriched me just by their very presence.

I am thankful to my dear students, and fellow teachers.

I am thankful to all those people out there who have made a difference to my life.

Foremost, I thank GOD for everything.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Then and Now

Once there was joy
Now only inner fears
Cacophony inside the mind
Taking toll in its stride

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Finally.....55 words story......contd from the previous one....

“Five years, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Five years, two months, 7 days and 10 hours.

“How have you been?”


“See you around.”

“Ok.” Her heart was breaking apart.

“Momma?” A little boy came running.

“ Is he mine?”


“Will you marry me?”

“I will.”

They were in each other’s arms, kissing as never before.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Who Did That?........Flash Fiction.......

It was well past midnight. All roads led to the Fort. The very same place, which was deserted at night, was teamed with life and bright lights. Media and security forces were having a field day. The orange yellow light gave out an eerie feeling. No trace of any debris or the perfect circle cut from the wall. No one heard any noise of cutting tools either. Everyone speculated who put such a neat hole on the top of the wall of the ancient fort!

Any explanations?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Beckoning Death....Triolet

Why is now, death so beckoning?
Enticing me into its embrace
Is it near, my day of reckoning?
Why is now, death so beckoning?
Plainly the thought is not sickening
Have I fallen from God’s Grace?
Why is now, death so beckoning?
Enticing me into its embrace!

Triolets require neat structuring and the first line has to be very strong!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Mind attuned
Heart in commune
Soul as one
Body entwined


Words on paper
revelation of my
Naked thoughts

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


People like
me and you
God knows why
God knows how


At times of need
ubiquitous but uncaring
When least desired
meddling and interfering

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Filled with thoughts of you
Closed eyes dreaming you
Do you ever think of me?
Do you want to wait for me?
Does it matter I am afar?
So are the sun, moon and stars
Hurts so very deep I know
But I cannot seem to let go.
All that I want right now
To be with you, tell me how
Wishing for us to be together
Intense feelings lasting forever

Wrote this for a writing exercise but have not not posted it. Should I? It does not fare as a great love song though!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

What Am I

What I think
Is what I am not

What I want
Is I cannot

Why is it so?
I do not know

Or do I?

55 Words poem......

what about you
makes me yearn?
what is it
i seek in you?
what am i
wanting now?

all I want is
to be with you
you are so far
does it matter?
love will pervade,
it is my belief

we will be
together one day
you will see.

i have hope
i have faith

This time a poem! Enjoying this. So what if it is atrocious!

Friday, November 11, 2005

55 Words Story......Desire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He looked with rapt attention at the cascading water down her perfect body. Desire rose through him yet again. Suddenly the love-filled night was not enough. The serpent of yearning was soaring all too soon. Picking her up, he went back to bed. The dance of love began as never before. Crescendo to calm.

So finally I did it. 55 words story!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


‘Twas but a year ago, the moon shining bright,
(etched in my mind, so well);
strolled with my loved one in the orange light,
our voices intermingling like twinkling bells

Suddenly the moon grew dull.
My love seemed to have sprouted wings;
he appeared a face of a smirking skull
What I felt in my heart was a ghastly thing

Fantasy was it? For my love lay still
within my arms, his eyes aglow;
wondering why my lips were chilled.
Silently I pulled him closer, kissing him so

One year gone, the moon still bright.
Too bright, like a ghost of woe;
standing by a newly dug grave tonight
with a wrecked heart……….its bizarre you know.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Love poetry

The very soul of poetry is expressing colossal emotions with minimum of words. Love is such an overpowering and conflicting emotion. All the world revolves around love. Most are in search of love. But how many can claim they kept it after finding love? Untainted love is so beautiful. Yet, it causes so much angst and misery when mistreated.

Writing about love and romance exhibit some of the often overwhelming and ambivalent feelings that are inevitable when one opens up to the vulnerability of love. Immeasurable emotions can be condensed into a few short lines of poetry. This quest for love or anguish due to it makes one turn to love poetry. Nothing can have this gamut of emotions as love.

The greatest of poetry are the love poetry by great masters!

(Wrote this in response to an ongoing war on a writing network.)

This in reply to Preeti at Love Poetry Expendable?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day and night

Day and night
two sides of life.
Day refreshes,
night rejuvenates

I drink on life
in the brightness
of the day.
And ponder over it
in the darkness
of the night


Dusty winds
Hot summer day
Frozen heart


Sweat laden bodies
Sun shining bright
Clouding the mind


Shimmering sun
Filtering through the leaves
Shadows my thoughts

Friday, October 28, 2005

Deeply in Love with Dracula’s Daughter

Strolling in the graveyard
with roses in my hand.
The fog rolling in,
for her tryst with sin.
A banshee screams,
in my nightmarish dream.

Deeply in love with Dracula’s daughter.

Creatures of darkness
what music they make.
Life in the night, most don't know,
lives in the shadows, which light throws.
Terror runs deep where murkiness falls.
Thirst never quenched from hunger’s call.

Deeply in love with Dracula's Daughter.

Never could fathom
in my wildest dreams.
Life has its own course, it seems
It follows only its own whims
I cannot but help whom I love;
I cannot help that she thrives on blood.

Deeply in love with Dracula’s Daughter

Unmindful of what others think,
I trudge along towards my queen.
Our nuptials to be held on Halloween.
I look forward to good times ahead
But vampires in love with her, are sad
as I will be calling Dracula, dad.

Deeply in love with Dracula's Daughter.

The very thought of her
love-bites after twilight;
her scratching nails all through the night
her bloody kisses just before dawn,
her writhing body against my own,
just stop short of driving me wild.

Deeply in love with Dracula's Daughter.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Autumn nights............elemental feelings

cool autumn nights
desiring of heating up
another body


bathed in cool heat
breathless, hair a mess
autumn feels like sex

New Beginning

All this while
I have been
wasting my life
at a world
full of wonders
and ignominy.

All my life
I have been busy
someone else
to blame
for my

Putting my
life on
too long
I need to
let go
I need
to learn

To reach out
take hold
venture out in
the deep unknown
reaching inside
my mind
seeking answers
deep within

Maybe when
I find
The answers
I seek
I will stop
and have
a new beginning

Monday, October 24, 2005

Judgement Day...........? Dealing with incest.True Story...

He lay there on the ground
cold and dead;
though not from bullets,
she had wished for his head.

Neither prison for him,
nor a gruelling fate.
Or judgement day
at the pearly gate.

Dead drunk, he had stumbled,
hitting the ground.
His head smashed open,
with a loud sound

Did God finally relent
having a say?
Telling, sinners like him
had to pay.

She had been scared
even in daylight;
knowing he would molest her,
come day or night.

She was a survivor,
would sleep well tonight;
now that he was dead,
she won’t have to fight!


I am deeply anguished after what one of our students said about her father a couple of days back. He tried to molest her. She had been out of his clutches till date but for how long? She wished him dead! Talking to her mother did not help. She does not want to leave the scum! And neither does she want her daughter/s to come out in the open and protest!She has 5 children and he is the only breadwinner.After much persuasion, she sent her 2 daughters to live with one of her sisters. Will this help? Neither she nor her daughters want to go to the police.......In the circumstances, I do not have a clue what to do? This is ground reality that is India!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

You and I




Read on what David has to say at


empty inside
or is it outside?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Is this what?

within my mind
within my heart
is this what
keeping us both


calm, soothed mind
deep, heavy thoughts


writhing bodies
tangled sheets
storm unleashed

Thursday, October 20, 2005


mindless emotion
madness intensified
destructions galore

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Elemental Chemistry.......Verse form


Plutonium...nuclear fission
Or is it nuclear fusion?
Does it matter to common man?
If the whole world is gone!

David's reply to my verse at uranium- poesy


What made the serial killer tick?
Serving tea with Arsenic.
This is a slow poison
Killing guaranteed; with precision!


Helixes, doubled all over;
Benzene, Naphthalene
Simpler ones, Methane
Ethane, Propane. All
Compounds of carbon.

Precious Metals

Silver can wait a while
Gold brings about a smile,
Diamonds are forever;
Platinum …now or never!!

Life and Death

hurtling forward
for better or worse!!

release of a soul
new beginning

Another take:

Life and Death

At her birth, smiles around
And she was crying her heart out
Smiling now, heavenward she is set
Those around her have their eyes wet

Had to write this too...:)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


loads on my mind;
thoughts roaming free.

I just had to write it down here....:)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Resting Place...Morbid Thoughts

Feelings and thoughts as sinister as the night.
Dark clouds masking the moonlight.

I am here to have my despair released.
The only place where I will find some peace

The graveyard is calm; justifying the end.
For those left here; by strangers, family, or a friend.

The lifeless corpses in the damp graves.
With a few epitaph “in death, he is saved.”

The only remnants of those long since dead;
are the carved stones, placed at their head.

The tombstones are covered with moss and grime;
slowly festering away with passing of time.

Here I stare, standing head bowed down.
With deep longing, into the restful underground

Thursday, October 13, 2005



what dark secrets
hidden there,
scarring her?

face she must
the world though;
her inner fears,
her only foe!

smiling forever
under this mask;
reluctant to reveal
the pain within;
she holds on
head held high.


sitting here with a facade
willing for this anguish to end
which I hide from all
wishing it to go away
let me be free
let me be happy.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Amidst the shadowy night,
lighthouse stands high,
radiating its golden gleam

Warning ships of unheard
perils lurking in the sea
with its circling lights

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Shaking ground
Shattered walls
Shards of glass
Dancing death
God's Wrath
on Mother Earth


I endure
Amidst a crowd

Friday, September 30, 2005

Facets of life

thoughts, reflections,
tumultuous, yet intriguing;
ever moving, never stopping;
exhilaration, ecstasy, desires;
despondency and angst;
varied facets of life.

living it up with verve
no matter what, no matter how;
despite odds and adversity;
facing it head-on, i get on
with it somehow.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Need of the hour

Sun casting shadows
on the yellow sand.
The world still sleeping,
we are up at dawn.

The beach is far away
how long do we go?
Setting up our wares
is the need of the hour.
This how it is everyday
working with my mother.
Doing various errands,
When all other kids play.

Wishing it all to change;
my thoughts eternity-bound.
Despite all yearnings,
my feet firmly on ground

Thursday, September 22, 2005

And Why.......

Formless, mud-splattered
with perforations galore.
The sun and the moon
watching over.
Laughing; as they cast
shadows around it.
Wondering who left it there
and why………………….

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What Went Wrong??

Sitting here
watching students
answering questions,
I too have
many of those
in my mind.
Why, how, when
are only the
tip of the
I had only
been doing
my work
as usual,
as sincerely
as ever.
Why it was
taken away
without rhyme
or reason?
Where did
I go wrong?
Worked to my
stretched to
What I see
does not pay.
carrying tales
are the orders
of the day.
Does it make
the hurt
Any less?
Not for
sometime to
But it will
fade and
I will
still be doing
whatever I am
best at.
with my
mind and soul..

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mooning with moon

Few more hours left
of cool soothing darkness,
moist grass between my toes.
I conversing with moon
promise not to tell
but possess
a pocketful of secrets
to last until morning
sending them up in
smoke signals
from my cigarettes.
All you do is shine
Bright for me!
While I share my
secrets with you

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back where he belonged!

He was back five years after
Bringing back my lost laughter
Wrapped together all night long
Our feelings still very strong

Following a love filled night
I switched on the fluorescent light
Adrenaline flowing through my head
With my gun I shot him dead

Saturday, September 03, 2005



I only want to know,
to dream
how your caress would feel
so dizzy for contact,
making me reel.
Unsure how to act,
not good at this game anymore.
sure that your love
will seep through my pores
expose my soul,
now in secret
grows a weedy garden
of needy wasteland.
angst and pain
flows like rain
through the dream-cluttered
gutters of my brain.
My mind
screams a silent
refrain of mistakes.
And in
my dreams,
all that I yearn
seems so far away,
on the highest summit,
out of reach.
for now
I have to teach
myself to wait,
willing fate to
deliver one day.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Going in my mind
Over and over
Me crumbling
Under the weight
Of choice
Of weariness
Of weakness
Not knowing
What I want
None of us really
Knowing what
We want

Locked in
A prison
Of my own making
Chains feel
So nice
Kissed by
Healing the wounds

Yet knowing
No one to hold
Me when
I escape
No safety net
Other than the cage

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I choose to stay home
With the books and sheets
Life at my fingertips.
Doing what I want
Even silence if I please.
Lying down; daydreaming
Or at times, no single thought

Probing for meaning of life
Uncluttered by screams,
Shouts, television, telephone
Wanting life to breath
At its own pace

Friday, August 26, 2005

My Obituary

Gautami S Tripathy, Educator, passed away at her residence in Delhi, in the wee hours of 26th August 2005.

Right after her bachelor of education, she had joined the teaching fraternity. She enjoyed teaching and more so loved her pupils. She had a good rapport with her students. She was creative with innovative ways of teaching Mathematics and Sciences. She could teach them the various formulae by correlating those with nursery Rhymes or more popular songs of the prevailing times.

She did a lot of philanthropic work too. She was attached to various NGOs, which dealt with problems of child abuse. She always stood for the rights of the children. She set up street dramas for the awareness of the masses.

She had varied interests. She dabbled in painting. Mostly charcoal sketching and cartoon characters. She had at times tried her hands at oils too. She was a great admirer of grand masters like Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Botticelli and Salvador Dali. For the last few months, she was trying her hands at Surrealistic Painting.

She had written/published a few books on mathematics. She was also into writing poetry and other genres of the written word. She was yet to publish any of her works in this regard.

She had a massive collection of books (8000+). And an enormous collection of music cassettes/ CDs (5000+). She has left all this to a local library.

She had lead a simple enough life. She had fairly achieved what she had wanted to do, in this short span of life. But had one regret of not having being able to do much for those street kids who are abused by all and sundry.

She is survived by her mother, three brothers, nephews, nieces and her dearest pupils whom she had taught all these 14 years.

May her soul rest in peace!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Hysterical women gyrating
Flailing arms
Dishevelled hair
Muttering, screaming
Shouting incoherently
Rolling their eyes
In mad frenzy
Beaten and ravaged
Tortured and in pain
Exorcised by priests
Of ghosts, invaded souls
Malevolent spirits
Are they possessed?
But in reality
Suffering from
Deep psychological shock
Broken down irreparably
By personal tragedy
Behaving possessed
Is their only escape!

Aug 23, 2005

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I key in and expunge
Words that gush unreservedly
from my earnest reflections

Too revealing in their
raw passion
and honest fervor

Sliding down my mind
decoded into letters
but exterminated by backspace.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Even though.....sad thought....

We crib about bad roads
We crib about long power cuts
We crib about water shortage
We crib about dirt and squalor
We crib about safety of our women
We crib about child labour

Even though……..

We spit on the roads
We tamper with the electric meters
We let the water overflow
We throw garbage out of the window
We molest our daughters
We abuse our children

Given half a chance
We will steal, rob and pilfer
So why blame the nation for
Our misdeeds and misdemeanors!

Monday, August 15, 2005


Waving flags
Independence celebrated
Finally visiting malls!


Head held high
Patriotism at peak
Casteism rules

Sunday, August 14, 2005


That Lady Sonia
Gave up the thrown, mamma mia!
But behind the scenes, she rules
Those who think otherwise are fools!!

Independence Day Haiku

Clear blue sky
The Tricolour hoisted high
Jingoism Dancing

Kite Flying

Flying the
So beautiful
Kites on the Independence Day

My Nation

My Nation
I love you
For your mysticism, spirituality.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Filled with
Thoughts of you
Walking by my side, never letting go!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Signal of Anguish.......SALVADOR DALI

Liked this. I am simply fascinated by the surrealistic work of Dali. He was one of his kind. His earlier works are much better than the later ones! This one was painted in 1935! Truly anguished!

World of Science, Art and Cricket

Scientific World

Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest
Mendeleev’s natural selection at its wittiest
Michael Faraday harvested electricity
Einstein propagated relativity
Marie Curie discovered radiation
Kekule structured hybridization

World of Art

King of surrealism Salvador Dali
The Birth of Venus by Botticelli
Monet abstracts
Picasso distracts
Mona Lisa smiles
Matisse riles

Cricketing World

Don Bradman; legends made
Rahul Dravid; too staid
Sixer in last ball; Javed Miandad
Looks on Kapil Dev; feeling sad
Steve Waugh; all in awe
Sachin Tendulkar; simply wow!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Changing World

Milton regained Paradise or Lost
As did USSR with Glasnost
On Eliot’s Wasteland
Wright brothers’ airplane land
Reflections of Dante’s Divine Comedy
In Holocaust; the greatest tragedy

World of Mathematics

Newton’s Integration
With Leibniz’s Differentiation
Beauty of Pythagoras theorem
On real number, Peano’s axiom
Euclid’s geometry
Did I forget Al-Tusi’s trigonometry

Tuesday, August 09, 2005



Feelings of desolation
Life going downhill
No consolation
Feelings of desolation
And depression
It is a bitter pill
Feelings of desolation
Life going downhill

Washed away

Washed away by the rains
Our home and hearth
Causing intense pain
Washed away by the rains
Pavements, roads and drains
Of food, there was dearth
Washed away by the rains
Our home and hearth

Song in my heart

Song in my heart
Happiness galore
You play a part
Song in my heart
It is a good start
Part of the allure
Song in my heart
Happiness galore


Brevity plays a role
To cut a long story short
Slashes loopholes
Brevity plays a role
Standing on its sole
Holding fort
Brevity plays a role
To cut a long story short


Cut out the profanity
Stick to mysticism
And spirituality
Cut out the profanity
Hold on to piety
Taught by every religion
Cut out the profanity
Stick to mysticism

Monday, August 08, 2005


All around
Lies heart
Broken body
The spirit
The mind
The very core
The soul
Away life


Soft soothing music
Violins playing
The song of my love
Bringing joy
Dreams galore

Sudden Calm
Deafening me
Fire inside
Scalding me
Wanting you

Your nearness
Maddening me
No wisp of wind
Between us

Pure feelings
No words
Sheer bliss
Absolute calm!


Star filled night
No clouds in sight
City suffused with light.

With you in my world
Muse in me awakened
In you poetry enclosed

Moonlight reflected
Ocean convoluted
My whole being conflagrated

Longings coming forth
Rising in my heart
Both becoming a single part

No demarcation
Where I end, you begin
My living or dying is not vain

Bloggers Block!!!!!

Got this block! Unable to write! So many thoughts but unable to blog those down!


My heart and soul……………..
Lost in the ocean of love for you
Everlastingly plummeting deeper
Suffused by your incessant love...
Hurtled against the edge of eon,
I wait to unite with you

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Big Bad Wolf

Re-telling the story of “The little Red Riding Hood” with the big bad wolf as its central character! A very simplistic tale for children.


The wolf had been ill for a week now and in bed. Maybe the hare did not agree with his constitution. It had been old and too hard. He had ignored that and went right on eating it gluttonously! And ended up with upset stomach. And fever!

Now he was hungry but too tired to hunt. So he slowly got up and walked out of his cave to the nearest path. This path was taken by kids who were easy enough to prey upon! As a rule he never hunted on them but today he was too worn-out to care. The wolf sat down hiding behind a bush. After a never-ending wait, he saw a willowing red thing coming towards him. As it came closer, he found that it was a little girl. She looked very chubby. Juicy and succulent. His mouth watered at the very thought. He wanted to pounce but noticed a woodcutter looking his way. Patience, he chided himself. He retreated and took another path following the girl.

“What’s your name, little girl?” He said.

“Little Red Riding Hood.” She said.

“Where are you going?”

“To my grandma’s place who is not well. I am taking her these goodies.”

“Where does she live?”

“In a cottage along this path.”

Now the wolf had a brain wave, (wolves are clever creatures). Why not eat her grandma as well.

“Why don’t you take her a bouquet of wild flowers? She will be very happy to receive those.”

She had forgotten, that her mother had told her not to talk to strangers and not to stop anywhere in between. She went deeper into the woods for wild flowers. So while she was busy collecting flowers, the wolf ran down the path and reached the cottage. He liked what he saw. A very pretty cottage in the middle of a small garden. It was surrounded by tall trees. And flowers were blooming all around. There was a well in one corner. An ideal place to live!

“I will live here right from today. I am sick and tired of that dark, smelly cave of mine.” He thought.” Little did he realize, as soon as he started living here, it would stink too!

He knocked at the door and entered it. Saw the old lady sleeping peacefully. Jumped on her and before she could react, gobbled her up. She was all skin and bones. But it was a respite from that great hunger! Anyway he was going to be rewarded with fresh and luscious flesh of that young girl!

But before that he needed to gear up. He looked around; saw a pretty robe hanging on a peg. He put that on. And lay down on the old lady’s bed. He pulled the covers till his neck and put on a cap too. Thus prepared, he kept on waiting for Little Red Riding Hood.
She came and finding the door open, entered it. Without making a noise, she found a vase for the bouquet of wild flowers. And set the table with the goodies her mother had sent.
The wolf was watching her all the while with half closed eyes. She tiptoed near him. He opened his eyes.

She almost jumped and said “Grandma, your eyes are bigger, and ears too.”

“To see and hear you better, dear,” the wolf said in her grandma’s voice. He could mimic any one in the world! A very useful talent.

“And you teeth are sharp.”

“To eat you better.” Saying this, he jumped on her and in no time he finished her up.

But he had been ill for so long and tired too, he fell asleep.

Now the woodcutter had smelled something fishy and followed the wolf. Extremely late, if I may say so…he had to fight a tiger on the way!!

The woodcutter entered the cottage and found the wolf sleeping and heard lots of noises coming from its so very bloated stomach! He cut it open with his axe, pulled out the girl and her grandma. They were all right but shaken. Through all this, the wolf was deep in slumber land. Little Red Riding Hood filled his stomach with stones and her grandma sewed it up very carefully. They left him there and started off for Red Riding Hood’s place!

The wolf woke up after a long time. He was thirsty. He got up from the bed, wondering why he felt so heavy. He staggered towards the well in the corner of the garden. Put the bucket into it. And saw his stomach sewed up and everything was crystal clear to him. Before he could react, he lost his balance and fell into the well……….

“Why am I being punished? Doesn’t a self respecting hungry wolf deserve any food?” Those were his last thoughts………