Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Love poetry

The very soul of poetry is expressing colossal emotions with minimum of words. Love is such an overpowering and conflicting emotion. All the world revolves around love. Most are in search of love. But how many can claim they kept it after finding love? Untainted love is so beautiful. Yet, it causes so much angst and misery when mistreated.

Writing about love and romance exhibit some of the often overwhelming and ambivalent feelings that are inevitable when one opens up to the vulnerability of love. Immeasurable emotions can be condensed into a few short lines of poetry. This quest for love or anguish due to it makes one turn to love poetry. Nothing can have this gamut of emotions as love.

The greatest of poetry are the love poetry by great masters!

(Wrote this in response to an ongoing war on a writing network.)

This in reply to Preeti at Love Poetry Expendable?


Blue Athena said...

Hmmm. Well, apart from the love poems written by the likes of Donne, Yeats et al, words by those truly in love are also precious. :)

I would rather have a verse from him than a quote from the greatest love poets! [Those I've already read!]

gautami tripathy said...

Yes I agree to that....

Verse from him is worth all tyhose put together!

beissirissa said...

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