Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fare Thee Well

​we start with each of the batch 
bickering about your unkempt hair​
and your unruly behaviour

​we keep saying, study, study study
no games, no television
only practicing, only books​

​half of the year goes like this
somewhere down the line
you really get what we say​

you blossom, we watch
you acquire knowledge which 
we can only direct you too

​all of a sudden, it changes
we are filled with love for each of you
which can't be contained anymore​

your smiles, the mischievous eyes
and that inquisitiveness
​ ​
​ ​
miss them too much

when one of you
​ comes close

and hugs without restraints
 light up like a lamp

with each batch, 
hearts breaks
​ we
 can't get away from that elation-
you are now ready to face the world

 will continue to say,
"go, live it up, go, spread your wings"
with that mixed feeling of love and loss


Sunday, February 12, 2017

collapsing into you

on your skin, my fingers write a song
with my face half hidden in the crook of your neck.
the melody is soundless
with unusual rhythms

in the slumber, you move all of a sudden
sit upright, and challenge my light touches
you root for me, and I implode,
the resound of it resonates with the wall

within your arms, I am a limp rag
now your fingers write a song on my heated skin
slippery, sweaty, sensitized to you
yet again, I fall apart and you watch me with a half smile

I sit on the stool to comb my hair
the mirror reflects the aftermath of love
it is not enough, never enough with us
the want is ever present, the need rules

@gautami.tripathy 12 Feb 2017