Thursday, September 26, 2019

Peaks & Deeps


*Peaks & Deeps*

sunkissed mountains-

what is it you see?

the deep and the high-

why do you sigh?

snow peaks, randomly

scattered trees-

what is it you desire?

the small hilltops

organised farming-

why have we taken over?

the changing colours,

the earthy tones-

who wants to cut into those?

the unanswered questions

are my tears on paper-

unshed on my cheeks

pouring there

"wrapped in nature's warmth,

there is still some hope-

to survive and thrive"


Monday, September 09, 2019

Veiled Veneer

Veiled Veneer

in that 3D space
my eyes are searching for you
and unknowingly I enter into your face
our eyes might not meet
but I can see the world
through you,
merging into you
you are the bright light
for my deep dark night
every part of me dances for you
how do I survive utterly being in trance for you
only you can show that way by holding me in sway

"facades can be fake, heart will never lie"

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

faceless yet very much real

faceless yet very much real

your country is not you
you are not your country
but without your country
you are not even you

you are just a part of it,
a miniscule part, who gets to
share its assets and liabilities too
you have to respect what it offers

all those who share the space,
are but your brothers or sisters
who have as much right as you
so don't forget which you tend to

you won't get away abusing other's rituals,
what faith he follows is his right too
why do you threaten, why do you destroy,
why do you resort to violence?

why pick on girls,
lie and cheat to them,
kill them if they refuse to follow your faith?
is this Love, is this trust?

"killing, molesting, cheating is what defines you, you are a scum
and you know that too"


Thursday, June 20, 2019

cut the emotions with a sharp knife

if the sky fell on you,
would you feel it?

if the Earth jumped up,
would you be afraid?

if the around you air got wild,
would you fly away?

if you answer, no to all,
then why do get hassled when I tear up?

women cry when they are sad,
or when they are hurt,
or when they are upset,
above of all, they cry when they are happy

"my dark thoughts hide within my dusky skin,
invisible to all but you"


Saturday, March 23, 2019

raise the bar

raise the bar

I look at the myriad colours
my back is in shadows
the yellows are telling at me
the blues are an eyeful
I wanted to fly
but what held me to the ground?
your passion encapsulated me
and freed me too from age old inhibitions
my volatile temper got tamed
your gamut of emotions took over
so I had to turn to face you
my soul, my salvation
"easy it is not, however much one claims
love is complex, love is complicated
one doesn't even wish to escape it"


Monday, March 18, 2019


 Infernowhen tears tear me apart

when tears tear me apart
I know I love you
when emotions run dry
I know you are forever
I am alive and thriving
because you drive me wild

when my heart breaks
I know you are eternity
when the home is in chaos
I know you will mend my heart

when we are apart
I love you the most
when you are angry
I know you love me like crazy

I verbalise my feelings
you demonstrate it silently

no song was written for us
because everyone knows
I will write one for you
in silence that no one can eavesdrop

"being in love is indefinable
being together transcends known feelings"

© gautami.tripathy18022019 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

I salute her, I feel for her

Anger is a mild emotion. I feel that rage but I am helpless. My hot-headed hubby wants to go for the kill. He will do it too if I don't stop him. I don't know how to react. I feel for the mothers of the martyred soldiers...

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#Poeming #Poetry

I salute her, I feel for her

she nurtured you with her blood
she never ever showed her tears
when she sent you to defend the country

but she is a mother
she desired to see you once more
she wished for you to marry

she wanted a grand child or two
she waited for you to come home
she needed to hug you once more

she talked to you on the phone
she listened to you with calmness
she hoped for you to hug her

yes, you returned home
but in smithereens
not even in full body for her to hug

how does one console
that mother who gave you to the country?
how does one face her?

"lip service won't work any more,
we have to kill the traitors first,
and render the enemies to dust"

©gautami.tripathy 17022019

Monday, February 11, 2019


 Maa wants me to send her my pics. I do that but sometimes the photos are horrible but it doesn't really matter. I sent the following photo yesterday, freshly scrubbed...and wrote the poem a while back....

you always looked at me by
unseeing me
with so much deep love
that I couldn't fathom
you read my mind
you understood my heart
you nurtured the soul
I argued with you
I fought with you
never comprehending
your affectionate heart
now whenever I look into the mirror
I see you watching over me
wanting to see me
hence, each day I send you my photo
so that you won't miss me
and I will be engulfed with your love
which sustains me in difficult days
"I can never be you but always be your daughter
made on your mold, with love to hold"


a piece of my heart

#ClassOf2019 #Poeming #Poetry

each one of you holds
a piece of my heart

every year this time
you lovingly part

love and sadness
fight within the heart

with each outgoing batch
I lose in you some part

yet I will never ask you
to stop or pause

when you reach new heights
that would be rewards enough

"dreams may come true, but if not
you would have an option
because that is what
you would have chosen"


Friday, February 08, 2019


#poemette #poeming #poetry

the falcons flew away
one by one
and the aftermath was a chaos

such calm that I missed the cacophony
order is so sterile
it gives us nothing

do we need vacuum
which is not conducively creative
mind rots in such a state

I want the mind to listen
to all the unordered
I want it to accept the unpredictability

let the falcons come back
let them be what they are
majestic in the midst of dissonance

"I wish to fill the pages with squiggles of unfettered doings"


Friday, January 25, 2019

time never stops, yet I pause

I wrote some lines on the road
a few of the words got scattered
I suppose they changed lanes
as they felt redundant

I put my head on the ground
moving my eyes here and there
to follow the scattered words
But I found a few small poems

Isn't it the Universal truth
that we come out of our mothers
only to find our own niche
yet still be a part of her

we collect enormous baggages
with mindless complications
and forget to bond with the one
who brought us to life

"finally I realised that time is
what we really spend,
everything else has no meaning"


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