Saturday, March 23, 2019

raise the bar

raise the bar

I look at the myriad colours
my back is in shadows
the yellows are telling at me
the blues are an eyeful
I wanted to fly
but what held me to the ground?
your passion encapsulated me
and freed me too from age old inhibitions
my volatile temper got tamed
your gamut of emotions took over
so I had to turn to face you
my soul, my salvation
"easy it is not, however much one claims
love is complex, love is complicated
one doesn't even wish to escape it"


Monday, March 18, 2019


 Infernowhen tears tear me apart

when tears tear me apart
I know I love you
when emotions run dry
I know you are forever
I am alive and thriving
because you drive me wild

when my heart breaks
I know you are eternity
when the home is in chaos
I know you will mend my heart

when we are apart
I love you the most
when you are angry
I know you love me like crazy

I verbalise my feelings
you demonstrate it silently

no song was written for us
because everyone knows
I will write one for you
in silence that no one can eavesdrop

"being in love is indefinable
being together transcends known feelings"

© gautami.tripathy18022019