Sunday, January 27, 2013

vinyl dreams

Charlotte Gainsbourg, AnOther
lost in the vinyls
she looks out into her past
trapped in the circle of life
she does not not subscribe to sadness
everything can be said but it is never ever done
edges are always raw
one has to scale that
in the mist of the songs in her mind
chimes are curved, scattered and tattered
a mirror reflects the vast step she has taken
no one skirted the issues like she did
holding on to the last straw was never her agenda

vinyl is plastic, undead to environment
jumbled songs play out cheerily loud
bravo for it, bravo for it

Sunday, January 13, 2013


the steep steps of poetry breaks into my stupor
like a drunk, I gravitate my naked feelings 
towards that ditch of feelings
my mind's breaks have failed
I am unable to hold on that diminishing virtue
such a burden to all
can you lead me to that palace 
where I can wish to be myself
in the stretchy bends of life
there is no room for turmoil
if I could only believe that
I don't want to relive the past

hidden from the world, I escape you
just let me be with my poetry
I will not put brakes even if it cuts into me


Writing this after 11 weeks. My muse had died suddenly but seems to have come back. I am not sure if it going to last or not. I do not even know what I wrote above makes sense or not. Does it, do let me know!!