Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Theme of the month: Witness

beatific smile, such innocence-
I touch him endearingly careful,
so as not to disturb him

 his head is tilted to the side
body so twisted
I go blind for a moment 

that white bedspread is my witness
as it slowly soaks crimson blood

 @gautami.tripathy April 12, 2016 

 you peep from behind the curtains
I ignore you
even when you laugh aloud

 I have emptied my mind of you
don't you dare ask why
not if you don't wish to be killed 

believe me, the clock as my witness
I will shoot you on the head

 @gautami.tripathy April 12, 2016

the weather is hot
thoughts have dried out
and the stories are gone
words dance haphazardly
to escape beyond the roof
so as to fly with the birds
with heart as my witness
I will again hold the words in my mind
@gautami.tripathy April 11, 2016

those polka dots on your shirt
drive me crazy
and then the buttons come undone
scattered all over the floor
I pick a couple
the tiny holes laugh at me
with the ceiling fan as my witness-
I walk out with the torn shirt
@gautami.tripathy April 10, 2016

no, you are not here-
despite the promises you made,
writing on the sand.
the words now are hiding in the crevices
of the waves of the ocean
in a haphazard way
the seashells are the witness
while the waves rattle needlessly heedless
@gautami.tripathy April 7, 2016

I offer you a scoop of icecream
you grab the whole tub
our spoons fight with each other
I offer you a look
you wrap your arms around me
our essences intermingle
the stars are our witnesses
while moonless night hides us
@gautami.tripathy April 6, 2016

you flaunt her on my face
I don't give a damn
the rot had set long before
you show her off to your friends
I cook pasta for all
the spices drives everyone crazy
chilli flakes are my witnesses
both of you won't recover any time soon
@gautami.tripathy April 5, 2016

all you ever do is work
no time for anything else
maybe except for walking your dogs
all you ever do is to check your gadgets
obsessed to the point of insanity
maybe except for eating
that television is your witness
until you switch it off for the night
@gautami.tripathy April 4, 2016

I eat a chocolate
smear it on your mirror
and make your face hideous 

I eat a doughnut
look at the hole
and think who vacuumed your brain

"that bowl is my witness
until it falls on the ground and smashes"

@gautami.tripathy April 4, 2016

I search for the scissor
look into your wardrobe
and cut all your ties
I search for the pliers
enter your office
and cut all the wires
"that photo frame is my witness
I smash it to the ground"
@gautami.tripathy April 3, 2016

a shoe abandoned
I pick it up
aim it to your head
second shoe abandoned
I pick it up
treasure it as a trophy
"that lone bird is my witness
when I smile with glee"
@gautami.tripathy April 3, 2016

you built a wall
I climbed over it
and messed with your mind
you built that wall again
I broke it down
and messed with your heart
the cobbled stones are my witnesses
a mere wall is no deterrent for me.....
@gautami.tripathy April 3, 2016