Thursday, September 26, 2019

Peaks & Deeps


*Peaks & Deeps*

sunkissed mountains-

what is it you see?

the deep and the high-

why do you sigh?

snow peaks, randomly

scattered trees-

what is it you desire?

the small hilltops

organised farming-

why have we taken over?

the changing colours,

the earthy tones-

who wants to cut into those?

the unanswered questions

are my tears on paper-

unshed on my cheeks

pouring there

"wrapped in nature's warmth,

there is still some hope-

to survive and thrive"


Monday, September 09, 2019

Veiled Veneer

Veiled Veneer

in that 3D space
my eyes are searching for you
and unknowingly I enter into your face
our eyes might not meet
but I can see the world
through you,
merging into you
you are the bright light
for my deep dark night
every part of me dances for you
how do I survive utterly being in trance for you
only you can show that way by holding me in sway

"facades can be fake, heart will never lie"

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