Wednesday, August 31, 2011

red of life retreats in a cart

he drags his feet
hiding his face
that red umbrella gives him cover
(the red bag is a dead giveaway)

grilled door barred his entry
he had to retreat
lonely as a finger
(his mumbles unheard by anyone)

his stance, no one recognized
so unbecoming
yet a part of him
(nothing can penetrate his psyche now)

he walks on in the rain
dark clouds thunder over him
his profile blurred now
(his kindness muddy under his feet)

"if only he had held on to the wheels
the cart wouldn't have been abandoned"


It has been more than 10 days since I wrote anything. My words were clogged and refused to come out. Today they did, and let me hope, they are out for good. I am not pleased with the above poem but happy that I wrote something...

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I rubbed cream into my hands-
I felt marginalized
before the time to say goodbye
descended on me

If I die young,
I do not wish for my skin 
to look shipwrecked

Thursday, August 18, 2011

a mute question

I mold myself
is it viable-
what you ask of me?
tall order
a promise
extracted from my soul
would I let go-
a mute question
you can cut a part of whole
you don't see gasp of horror

I find you again, and again,
lose you every other day
to what, I know not

Monday, August 15, 2011


on a monday morning,
I see that girl rushing out
and watch her slip on the sidewalk
and a boy catch her slowly
or maybe I see it in slow motion
I too slip, and the paint splashes
on the walls, falling on ground

I had picked the rollers
out of the garbage, 
to roll on the bare walls
to cover the evidence
of our raw tactility
to give it a semblance

"now watching the boy and the girl, I want it all open"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

hinder the tremors

one day when ocean becomes nether
I pledge to tread on it
I will let the tremors enter into me
as I want to feel the sacred sea
it will get enmeshed into darkness
no plaster separates it from that tuft
if the fish hinder its sporadic ventures

if it is possible, 
I will remove the stigma of the sea
it too has a right to move forward
I can listen to its whisper
even when it laughs out loud
I don't need an eye for an eye
the world is already blind.

"the deep can never go away, it only enhances"

Rolling In The DeepThe DeepSmoke On The Water

Friday, August 12, 2011

dead woman returns...

dead woman roams the street searching for life
that life she abandoned unthinkingly

dead woman holds a piece of paper with a map,
of a place that is hidden from all eyes

dead woman pauses, takes a deep breathe
(I want to know how she breathes silence)

"is that dead woman merged into me, unknowingly?"

Vertigo: The Living Dead Man PoemsThings to Say to a Dead Man: Poems at the End of a Marriage and AfterDead Men's Praise

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ashes of radiating electrons

my dreams are not for display
you can't see them
you don't want to see them
you only help in creating
myriads of nightmares

I let both merge
and photograph the images
drenched in reminiscences of you
when you will hear voices
I will be immune to that

my body will rise beyond it
I will stay awake all night,
night after night, 
while you edit me from your life
with your paring knife

let me collect the ashes of radiating electrons
and build a shrine from those

Sunday, August 07, 2011

vinyl records, ruined battery

in the psychedelic dreams 
of nothingness
I find a broken record
long playing vinyl record
as ancient as you
as antiquated as I

in my alone time
I introspect the fossils
of those songs we listened
soundlessly, together
coarse, powdered
words jumbled on top of each other

relics of the past may suggest
you are my sunshine
but I walk into the dark tunnel
holding the broken record
primeval music playing
into the corrugated walls

"I will find a ruined battery on the road
fix it to my heart and listen to you for eternity"

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Thursday, August 04, 2011

other foot

Picture Credit: Reymundo

propels one to sin
I fly high
indulging in hedonist delight
you never bought me other shoe
I limped the streets
your lover watching from the boulevard
laughed at my dilemma
I loved the feel of air, sunlight
on my unshod foot-
catching myself in random visors

"who needs more than one sexy pump?"

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

hibernation revisited

I want to hibernate for eternity
but the earth's gravity
sings a teasing ditty

I want to hibernate for eternity
but life's nitty-gritty
spares no pity

I want to hibernate for eternity
but this piercing city
offers a diversity

I want to hibernate for eternity
but the bear, who appears to be smutty
sings me a ditty

I want to hibernate for eternity
dose or medicinal quantity
make me feel bitty

"I quit being a minute entity"

Goldilocks and the Three BearsGoldilocks and the Three Bears (Picture Puffin Books)Goldilocks