Sunday, August 07, 2011

vinyl records, ruined battery

in the psychedelic dreams 
of nothingness
I find a broken record
long playing vinyl record
as ancient as you
as antiquated as I

in my alone time
I introspect the fossils
of those songs we listened
soundlessly, together
coarse, powdered
words jumbled on top of each other

relics of the past may suggest
you are my sunshine
but I walk into the dark tunnel
holding the broken record
primeval music playing
into the corrugated walls

"I will find a ruined battery on the road
fix it to my heart and listen to you for eternity"

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, Guatami! I absolutely love it! It works on so many levels too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes sometimes we go round and round in our dreams with an old theme.

izzy said...

Boy those old tunes went around and around like the vinyl! Good poem thanks!

Everyday Goddess said...

so many fond memories revolve around vinyl records.


Jack said...


Read all pending poems. Liked Hibernation ones very much. This one shows hope still making one go on to find love.

Take care

Kelly Sedinger said...

Ahhh, vinyl! Loved this poem.

Judie said...

A very deep take on the prompt! Good work!!!

21 Wits said...

The last two lines are just unbelievable...very deeply inspiring, great stuff!

Susan Anderson said...

You went deep with this one. Good job!


21 Wits said...

Very excellent poem!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading it. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Wonderful poem! Nostalgic and yearning for the past. Lovely!

cj Schlottman said...

The images here are vivid, and the text is gut-wrenching. Great Centus!

jfb57 said...

Beautiful writing! You are very talented!

Nonna said...

Excellent !
Your writing is deep, insightful, sensitive and inspiring...I love this... Standing ovation !!!

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

amazing piece.

miss pie said...

amazing world of nothingness, playing round and round... it is exactly as you say...

Bone said...

This was amazing, Gautami I could read it again and again.

Unknown said...

All this from "You are my Sunshine"?
Amazing poem!
Best wishes,
Sanna's Sunshine SC Wk 66

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P is for Presents - Sara Cat AT-rd-3-P

bj said...

Wow..4 little words can evoke so much feeling. Very nice.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful poetry, Guatami. Just a glance at my own vinyl stirs big memories.

Strummed Words said...

I like the memories that old time music conjures up. Well said!

Jenny said...

as ancient as you
as antiquated as I


Everytime I read your blog I want to do two things:

a) destroy everything I've ever written and start again - you are one of my writing heroes

and b) repeat "A" over and over again until I get it right!

Your imagery is really astounding.