Sunday, May 25, 2014

all that paraphernalia

I survey before me
stuck in there
a display for donations
treat for some eyes maybe
my smile is fixed
I can't laugh anymore

take me out of here, mate
I have a meeting in few hours
listen to my heart flutter
while pigeons squeak in the background
north or south
do I really care?

let me climb down
before my face explodes
and you see that in a news report tomorrow
on second thoughts
I will stay here
let the meeting come to me

"walls are what we build to be secure
then why do we feel that loss of freedom?"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

a forgotten past

in the regency era-
they with alabaster skin
ask for bread.
such graphic images,
with plastic smiles-
we observe the chaos.

a force, not a disaster,
follows people, even into the mines,
within the minds.

"falling from that altitude will result in incognimity,
but for now let us serve you better"

Sunday, May 11, 2014

in between feeling

 a clumsy attempt to fly
dreams land on the sharp edge of axe
shattering sky can't make her vanish
clouds settle to listen to her pleas
no amount of name calling can bring her down
in her suspended state
no one can rub into her thoughts
sky melts into her
droplets fall on the ochre ground
how she desires a snowed feeling
as she cuts the clouds with a knife

"atmosphere seeps into her skin-
making her oblivion a mockery"

Sunday, May 04, 2014

circled aura

clipping my wings
you have nailed me to the wall
those serving spoons have more life

crucified, you might think
I will be worshipped for my eyes
I wish to break free like a blackbird

broken yet with an aura
I savour the moment of standing tall
see that glow on my facade

moonless night has no light...
you cannot see me play dead
a pretension of sorts

I promise I will arise from that ghastly wall
that aura will follow me around