Sunday, September 19, 2021


those words hurled at me
get into my skin, I bleed and bleed
I too hurt you back with savage words
with such a murderous rage
I want to walk away from you
I want you to leave me
but when it comes to the crunch
my heart sinks
and hold you to me tight
the anger, the rage, the hot words-
all these become meaningless
"in no time our love fight
ends up in love bites"


bring in the conches

 bring in the conches

I have come for you
to watch over you
and hold you to my chest
you will be my child forever
I let you play in the mud
I let you play with trees
you can hold my hand
you can call out to me
you can embrace me
I am the outer manifestation of you
I am the innermost desire too
I can walk you to the fire and back
you too are the Goddess,
you are me
you have the strength in your weakness
"I have come riding the lion,
the Goddess mother, to be with you"


into deep dark woods


into deep dark woods
the light won't dispel the
darkness within
they will only enhance it
I can hear the drums
playing some distance away
and my heart beats in unison
one day I fly to the sky
next day I fall flat on my face
counting each particle of the earth
I keep looking at the ghostly trees
listen to the ghoulish sound
which reflects the state of my mind
keep your cool, keep your cool.
I tell myself all the time
but hell burns in my head
"blow away the dark night,
walk into the sunshine,
is but a lip service"

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spacing oneself

spacing oneself

a word,
a mere word whispering-
the window is open-
password to the world outside.
you may want to stay inside,
but let the wind touch you--
one day soon
your soul will thank you for it...


*And Then The Cookie Crumbled"

 *And Then The Cookie Crumbled"

I hold a cup of tea, a book of poems
and a plate of cookies
ginger cookies, garnished with sugar,
which I love so much
out of the patio window
the moon beckons to me
today it is a broken one, the moon with a sharp edge
will it cut into me, I ponder, and my cookie crumbles
slowly I drink my tea,
my elixir of life, or is it?
I don't seek immortality, nor an epitaph
I only wish to be known for my love of tea, poetry and ginger cookies
"don't forget to play the Eagles
and Guns and Roses when you burn me"


spring is bliss or is it?

spring is bliss or is it?
the silence of winter is gone
the birds are chirping under the sun,
happily picking their food-
a grain, a bud or an insect
chill in the air is a thing of the past-
warmth permeates everywhere
deep darkness has gone to sleep
when sunlight peeps from the sky
the clouds shine like a resplendent bride
a bit shy, but radiantly happy
spring is hope, joyous, and bliss
the path is straight and clear
filled with laughter of nature
"Man-made blast shreds blood,
bones and concrete,
shattering the peace"



*what is bliss*
a cup of tea,
and a ginger cookie,
the savouring, lingering taste.
cuddled with you
with a poetry book...
far away sounds via bay window,
a short break from the mundane.
cool breeze moves around the wispy hairs.
this is utter bliss
in this early morning
"and then the heat of April
will hit hard,
baking us both
to crispy brown"


*Call of the Wolves"


*Call of the Wolves"

in that ghostly night
shadows haunted the pavements..
sudden chill felt by all
heart rending cry
grisly, maddening,
shook the core
footsteps fell away
but the blight highlighted
unknown fear
that twisting rope
was the sole witness
to the heavy weight of the man
when the gut wrenched out..
the truth of his innocence came open...
now the whole town is facing the consequences,
while the wolves are crying
"sanity is a thing from the past,
no one has a clue,
what to do"



I have walked miles
meandering the narrow lanes
my feet are dust laden
my head is buzzing confusingly
what am I seeking, I don't know
what seeks me, I don't know
I finally end up in a deserted street
see a lone building in the vicinity
an eatery, it seems, like in the olden times
with smoke coming out of a chimney
hunger pangs hit me hard
I wish for the oily fried food
entering, I sit in a corner,
and order oil laden stuff
"hope they deliver it before I drop dead"


holding me to your heart


holding me to your heart

did you ever pause as where you were heading?
I, in my cossetted world,
lived in my books
and the words I penned down randomly into poetry
out of nowhere, you came
and hit me in my heart
my mind stopped thinking
letting my heart take over for the first time
without any concrete plans we ended up together
do I have any regrets?
yes, I have. massive ones.
why it all happened so fast?
why didn't I get time to pause?
I deserved so much more-
why did I meet you so late in life?
why did you not seek me before?
what took you so long?
why did you make me wait?
I am reflected by you
and you are reflected by me

"I should have bought that huge chair
but at that time
I didn't know you are going to be part of my life"


Wednesday, April 21, 2021


closed to the world
I move around the room,
the un-shed tears
stuck somewhere,
driving me insane.
unable to stand with you,
to hug you,
in your most difficult of times.
stuck in the quagmire,
a full-fledged movie,
worse than horror,
runs in the mind,
slowly picking ourselves,
we have to crawl,
then sit, finally stand,
to face the Sun for its warmth.

"the Earth teaches us to live for others"