Thursday, July 18, 2019

faceless yet very much real

faceless yet very much real

your country is not you
you are not your country
but without your country
you are not even you

you are just a part of it,
a miniscule part, who gets to
share its assets and liabilities too
you have to respect what it offers

all those who share the space,
are but your brothers or sisters
who have as much right as you
so don't forget which you tend to

you won't get away abusing other's rituals,
what faith he follows is his right too
why do you threaten, why do you destroy,
why do you resort to violence?

why pick on girls,
lie and cheat to them,
kill them if they refuse to follow your faith?
is this Love, is this trust?

"killing, molesting, cheating is what defines you, you are a scum
and you know that too"


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