Sunday, August 25, 2013

cries inside the mind

photo by Steven Kelly 
enough explanations she heard from us
now she is going south
she will take the train,
feeling the gusting wind on her face
no, we cannot help her pick up the pieces
she needs to do it alone,
to stop the cries inside her head
filters do not work in there
be as bitter as one wishes to be
although we got no reason for that
she needs to tame the fierce emotions
to keep out the despair

"pieces of torn pages with her notes
will no longer hold her
she needs the solitary person within her to hold her hand
she needs her, only her to heal. 
to heal"


This came out of deep pain. Women are not respected in my country. Every day in Delhi or Mumbai or Bangalore, someone is gang raped. Yes, you read that right. Gang raped. Yet she survives. Because there is no other option. Our laws are very lax. Most rapist go scot free. The irony is, this is my country and I cannot leave it....

I have not used strong brutalized words here. Already there is enough brutality....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

shaking it out, I dance to life

painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
I must illuminate the circle of life 
not just an incentive for concrete deeds
I cannot wallow in self pity
let me scatter my thoughts on the pavement
I will weave some fantastic tapestry of thoughts
my pounding heart will not stop short at anything
stark emotions do not strain to break free
unbroken spirit do help one hitch
when I can dance to anything
please do not race into time
I don't expect a farewell 
finality of ending is not I seek
all are seeking my downfall
I will not let that happen
one who believes in me
will not let me fall

"a huge gathering may prevail
but I will do what is right"

Sunday, August 04, 2013


Drawing Hands, 1948 by M. C. Escher
after that long long walk
he rested his head finally on the roadside
something woke him out of that deep stupor
lost he stared at the sky above

all his life was a waste of time
if only he could go back home
each single breath propelling him
thought of it was so heavenly

holding on to a much thumbed paper
he thought of what was awaiting him
but his mind right now couldn't fathom
why was he totally lost in the drawing hands

he wished for eternal sleep
to get rid of his bottomless existence
to wipe out the ravages of war
deeply absorbed in his body and soul

holding on to the single thread of life
he wanted to escape the shadow
from the tang of salt in the air
his sense to live on took over

plans may have gone awry in the past
now was not the time to dwell on that
in the landscape of bigger things
gravity holds us all, he thought

"my mind circles and sends messages
that I need bread and also shoes-
the two things essential for existence"


Choose a poem of between ten and twenty lines.
Not a favorite poem, but an obscure poem by a favorite poet. (…this could work with an older poem, but a contemporary work is to be preferred–the tone is more suitable….)
Type the poem, triple space. Then, between the lines, fill in a new line, based on or suggested by the original line.
Next, eliminate the original poem, close up your own lines, and tinker with them to make them cohere.
Consider this the first part of a longer poem, and label it so.
Then write a companion section–Part II, and entirely your own–that extends the first part by continuing or departing from or on some otherway varying the themes and images of the first
I chose Pickle Belt by Theodore Roethke. Click on it to read the full poem. Last three stanzas can be taken as part 2!! But I will write something else SOON....