Monday, June 29, 2009

the sun danced around him and he kissed the stars

oh yes, he had moments of sanity
coming in spurts
when the sun danced around him
and he kissed the stars
and got red roses for her,
which whispered his passion

he wanted her to go now
to leave him be
in his throes of despair
he ignored her unsaid pleas
trampled on the white roses
closed the door to her love

"as soon as she left,
in his vomit of despodency
he knifed his guts out,
watching it colour
his sandy grey floor, red"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

wrath of nature

nature toys with us
I ask for rains-
blue or otherwise


my lines have stopped raining
words dried out in the heat
induced by wordy heat
raining words are a dream now


When twilight rains blue light,dry scattered dust toys with heavily humid air.
Grey moon grimaces, wishing for a cloud to hide her facade behind it.
Finding none, she shrivels and shuts herself in and disappears after days.


My muse died in this heat. So I can't think of anything other than the above short verse.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am trying to think of stuff I never told you, mom

I am trying to think of stuff I never told you, mom
practically everything about me you have known
right from the day I issued forth from your womb

yes, I never asked you those algebraic problems
those long chemical equations and Physics sums
without my asking you drove away my phantoms

this aries daughter of yours has been so headstrong
in your eyes she has not done anything wrong
even when your thoughts were linear, hers oblong

yet there are parts of me you will never ever know
when I turned towards him, bonding with you I let go
intense feelings for him, are not for any kind of show

"a time comes where space between daughter and mother is inevitable"


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sultry days of summer

i rubbed my wrinkled eyes
trying to dispel heat
tap water is just as hot
(i wish I had so much ice
to add to my bath water)
sleep was hard to come
airconditioners ineffective
at 109-111 degree fahrenheit

with long power outages
i experienced hell at first hand
my pillow refused to cool down
my bed sweated as much as I did
my head weighed a ton
morning didn't come soon enough for me
now this, hot water for bathing
heat wave is here to torment me

and then I get that email from you
telling me you welcome such weather
the sultry heat, torrid humidity
in that instant I understood
what you mean to tell me
you and I, I and you
our sweat to intermingle and sparkle-
the fickle me has no grudge towards summer


Heat wave made me write this...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some blogging tips for protecting and if you wish for more visitors on your blog

Most of you know that I lost my Reading Room blog to malware. Yes, I did create another one in its place, Everything Distils with Reading. Of course I lost my links, ranking, readership and lot more which I had built over three years. Yes, I am getting there but slowly. Three years of work can't be achieved in 50 days.

I explored and found very simple rules:

1) Have a back up. I find importing blogger blog to Wordpress easy. Create a wordpress blog of the same name and import your blog to it, comments and all. You can do it on bloggers too but I found it cumbersome. Do whatever is easy and works for you.

2) Submit your blog to Google webmaster tools or Yahoo Site Explorer. Either works. They search your blog for any kind of malware and inform you. Keep checking regularly.

3) Don't clutter your blog. Keep it simple. More widgets you add, more chances of malware. Avoid animations, music, graphics unless you have those specific blogs. It also affects loading and results in lesser number of visitors. I avoid those blogs which are filled with all kinds of gadgetry. It takes away the pleasure of reading, let alone commenting.

4) If you have to have a site counter, go for well known ones. Statcounter or sitemeter work well. I had put good counter which was the culprit for Malware.

Explore the net as how to protect your blog. Blogs are extension of our creativity. Losing it is painful. Ask me. I almost went insane.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

deathless ghosts

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in that deathless night

dark images dance merrily

undead spirits come alive

ghost graves shake

melting into dead air

heat of that night

goes icily cold

I shiver thousand miles away.

"you would have understood me,
had you but waited."

stolen from the air

I take random lines out of poems
tear and again paste those
into arresting thoughts
a picture forms, assimilating
those torn lines, and some from air too
that broken guitar stands up
and plays by itself tearing into my heart
I again take those torn lines
reform them into wicked poems
rhythmic poetry prevails again

"I clutch my knees and make music in my mind"


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Thursday, June 18, 2009

x-y-z: all three axes

Once I started, it wrote itself. I did it without any pause, let alone editing.


angelically moving

like a belly dancer

who convolutes to a tune

she draped herself into him

her ethereal presence

formulated certain

gentle feelings

in that stone heart

inching towards his soul

he jack-knifed

knocking her

lovely form aside

as soon moribund

naked emotions

took over




into sadness

like a heavy tomb

of umbrella.

a vellum fell from sky

walls demolished

x-axis of their love

intersected at y and z-axis.

"Love has to be three dimensional or may be four"


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation time

I am on my summer vacations, reading, writing and sleeping. We must not forget the eating part either. Delhi is too hot. I needed to get away from it. So I am going to Nainital, a beautiful place, hill station really. It ought to give me a bit of relaxation.

So I will be away from 17th to 21st. Without internet. Ah, bliss! I will not be doing any sight seeing but just about relaxing in a resort. I need that. Actually all of us need that. I will write poetry and take pictures.

Yes, I will take along books. Can I survive without books? My list:

The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha
The World I never Made by James Lepore
In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
Baby Shark by Robert Fate
Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks
Selected Poems of Carl Sandburg

I have scheduled a few posts to come up in the next few days. Don't forget to visit and leave your foot prints. And please someone link my Thursday post to Read Write Poem and Totally Optional prompts? You can find the those on my left sidebar. I will catch up when I get back on Sunday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tea with mixed drinks

that steamy cup
contains the world
as well as
far off places
carries this image
of togetherness
caring and sharing
which keeps me going
tea is just an excuse

I like to bend the rules of NaiSaiKu!


Broken glass crunches noisily under feet, empty bottle rolls under the bed. Drunk, I fall on bed, you follow me soon, totally unrecognisable. Dark mottled stains of you on my body stinks of a debauchery filled night.

And do you like the Sandwich?

Monday, June 15, 2009

spooky does it..

he arrived dead tired into the farm-

stopped at the stables, tended the horses
his own soothing words made him fall asleep
in his waking dreamy state he saw
a lantern light from deeper in the barn
shone on a man and woman in the door-

step, their raised voices got to him
he rose and walked towards them

he stumbled on a weed and fell on the door
when he got inside the room to see more
like two kids they were lying on the floor
having fistfights over an stupid apple core

Saturday, June 13, 2009

filigreed walls

I pulled the blinds
sunlight percolated
into my domain
filigreed walls
swayed delicately

I felt your pull
drawing me into you
your heartbeat
hurtled into mine
in a staccato

ghosts of the past night
ran away so fast
that I couldn't imagine
they had been there
lying absurdly between us

"now only you, I and
swaying filigreed walls"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

dance baby, dance

reflecting resplendently
three tiered gypsy skirt
beckoned to me to yard sale.
a gem amongst the junk
I twirled it in my hands

wrapped it around me
tiny bells tinkled merrily
and I was totally sold
buying it instantly
I retreated jauntily

felt someone pulling at me
begging for the skirt
angrily I turned back
ready refusal on my lips.
no words came out of me

"I gave it away with no second thoughts
at the fag end of her career,
Madonna needed it than I did"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Versified Reviews

Those two verses are review of sorts for Curse of the Pogo Stick by Colin Cotterill.

Read my review of the book

thousand-year-old spirit

thrives in his aged body
dangerous keepsake for some
that dangerous keepsake
rejuvenates his aging body
spirit found abode in 1000 years


Seventy three-year-old doctor of Laos, restlessly slept through long boring speeches. Dangerous turn, kidnapped on the way back by seven young Hmong females. Twin sons of the Chief's daughter become his keepsake for sometime to come.

Monday, June 08, 2009

stuck in time

underground in that attic
she was on her knees
searching desperately
she fell on a slab of something
it was the book-
thick, black and covered with dust
its boards were bowed.
creaked too when she opened it,
yellowed pages stuck by mildew.

his photo hidden in the pages
for more decades than anyone recalled
still intact. eyes twinkled back at her
she sat there for how long no one can say
when they found her, she had joined him-
their souls mated for eternity

"years had passed, but nothing had changed for her"

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

strings cross with wires

strings cross with wires
all goes black
and then white
luminous yellow acts as a filler
a magnet pulls all in
containing all in a minute space
unwanted unexpected something
bubbles out to the surface
making it look like a cake
of non-descriptive colour
again wires cross with strings

"I desire to walk out of the desert intact"


Here I wrote whatever formed in my mind after each sentence. When I wrote it, it made a lot of sense to me. Sometimes, we have to give in to what our mind desires.

mirror cracked from side to side

the mirrored bathroom
reflected the glory that our bodies made
entangled and gyrating to the shower
plaster splitting from those sounds

in the light of this ordinary daylight
chipped mirror reflects the folly of lust
dripping taps, hostile edge of tub
witness to the voices of past memory

"chipped mirror reflects the folly of lust
forgetful of the glory that our bodies made"

Monday, June 01, 2009

countries scattered on the ground

countries tore away
flew to all corner
nightmarish sleeping dreams
turned real as if waking from dreams
hatred spew poison
would blood be far behind?

what seems is not always as it seems
brittle to touch, a map had fallen apart
countries lay scattered on the ground.
that time is not far behind
when it wouldn't only be a piece of paper
our brittle doings are reason enough

There are sleeping dreams and waking dreams;
What seems is not always as it seems.

Opening lines of A Ballad of Boding by Christina Rossetti

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