Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tea with mixed drinks

that steamy cup
contains the world
as well as
far off places
carries this image
of togetherness
caring and sharing
which keeps me going
tea is just an excuse

I like to bend the rules of NaiSaiKu!


Broken glass crunches noisily under feet, empty bottle rolls under the bed. Drunk, I fall on bed, you follow me soon, totally unrecognisable. Dark mottled stains of you on my body stinks of a debauchery filled night.

And do you like the Sandwich?


Andy Sewina said...

Wow, the twirling smell of tea, where's my coffee?
Phew, debauchery! that's a bit risque!
I like the way you bend the rules though, 'old on a mo' ...what rules?

Whitesnake said...

There are a lot of things you bend.......

I'll have my tea with 3 sugars I ain't sweet enough.........

Lorraine said...

You perplex you confuse, and i have a passion for coffee :) I laugh madly 'cause it's great and I don't understand the sandwich ;)

Janet Jarrell said...

I like the sandwich - it is tasty!

poefusion said...

Tea is a great excuse to keep going, isn't it? Love your sandwich too. Have a great day.

Ralf Bröker said...

These words dance on my tongue and in my brain.

Best wishes