Thursday, June 18, 2009

x-y-z: all three axes

Once I started, it wrote itself. I did it without any pause, let alone editing.


angelically moving

like a belly dancer

who convolutes to a tune

she draped herself into him

her ethereal presence

formulated certain

gentle feelings

in that stone heart

inching towards his soul

he jack-knifed

knocking her

lovely form aside

as soon moribund

naked emotions

took over




into sadness

like a heavy tomb

of umbrella.

a vellum fell from sky

walls demolished

x-axis of their love

intersected at y and z-axis.

"Love has to be three dimensional or may be four"


Posted for Read Write Poem and Totally Optional prompts


Lorraine said...

You have a way with weaving words together without thoughts and yet how passionately they fit...You're very daring, way to go Girl ;

poefusion said...

Isn't it great when a poem writes itself? Have a great night. Hope your rest is going well.

Whitesnake said...

you are picture within.........

sage said...

wow! another style for you! nice

The Dark Lord said...

Amazing... You're quite a gifted poet! I just loved your poem... one of the best i've ever had the good fortune to go through!

The Warrior Poet said...

Fantastic, The words move as amazing as that belly dancer's belly.

Jeeves said...


Paul Oakley said...

Love your alphabetic organization! So linear. Nice contrast to the 3 or 4 dimensions of love that you end with.

Wayne Pitchko said...

another very nice poem that i enjoyed

Anonymous said...

Outside of a couple of lines that didn't work for me, I really liked this poem. And I love it when they write themself. That tells me they were just waiting for somebody to "listen" for them.

Linda Jacobs said...

Very cool! I love your creativity!

The way you wrote this is almost like a single braid!