Monday, October 31, 2011


I am caught between the gutter and sidewalk
my heart thumps 
when I see the flickering sunset
my foot hits a bottle
I look down at my bloody toe
which has now carved into a stone
my legs have vanished
my shadow is crooked
and my innards gurgle out
I try to figure out why your body twitched 
when I am the one who is hurt

"I wake to find myself typing away furiously,
my words falling all over-
operation writing accomplished"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

snaky tales

total darkness
pitch black
which contains eternity
their eyes merge after a while
heat shakes the hearts
slippery slithering bodies
of snakes entangle in knots

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a captured momemt

you walk out in a huff
your plate of food unfinished
I run to the door to call you back
but you are nowhere to be seen
feeling sad and vulnerable
I walk back inside the house
and sit at the window
with a blurred vision
my thoughts in a turmoil
I wipe my tears, look out, 
see you talking on your cellphone

you sit inclined on a concrete sidewalk
your head bobbing up and down
I curse the person at the other end
you pocket your cellphone, 
sit there with a calmness that jars me

"is it my figment that I see the delivery boy
delivering a pizza to you, and you open it
close it again, and walk towards our home?"

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Lee Friedlander, from America by Car

inside my car I sleep on the wheel
(don't worry, the car is stationary)
my head rolling after hours of driving
I am totally rusted out
can't you make it out from my glaze
which the clouds can't hide
I parked it in a crowded place
buildings all around
I dragged my feet too long over you
now my mind nods to for me to stalk you
my ragged breath walks on the blade's edge
I simply don't care about what is right
I don't wish to build bridges
or straighten my act any more
I am just too stretched out

"you want a new beginning
I will give you that in a gilded cage,
limber up your mind to be a prisoner"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a cross

Rage by AnnaMariaDeMari at deviantART
don't look into my insomniac eyes-
seemingly so, 
(I sleep like a log)
that cross on my forehead-
a mark I acquired 
when I fell down from the stars
but what of it?
I look like a fallen angel
with my gelled hair,
and unblinking stare
that air of haughtiness
you could never fathom my indomitable spirit
(just a fact I state)

"when I walk on the earth again, 
I find bliss in my obscure state"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

hanging my head

broken feet, with no skin
I hang shoulder to shoulder with my siblings
these girls wear hoops
I forgive them for dancing around us
I wish for a burst of energy
that topples over the brink
may the bolt drop on these girls
may they drown in the shallows of some river
a shame I know
but do they deserve any better?

"putrid flesh has the power to preach-
just you see, just you see"

timed out

I paper walls
hiding hideous marks
left over from a time we lost
I like crinkled finish
bubbles formed under paper

do we ever find time,
why we say we lost it?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


the vibrations
permeates into me
I try to transfer those to you
will you please accept it-
letting me have my way with you
piece by piece...
why don't we let our bodies
follow our mind and hearts

"come admire the bond,
those silken ties......silken ties"

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

stolen moments

I lost it-
a goose bump to you
a whole universe for me
you hid it in the closet
along with few of my breaths
which I have saved from you
I wonder how you found my hiding place
where I have hoarded massive stuff
the moments I stole from you
that scar which bothered you
I have braided our intermingled breath
in the knob on the closet door
how did you find my hiding place
now yours too
yet I know too well
you will never find anything that I hid there
that coin wrapped in with your scent is all I have of you
not to forget the togetherness we had shared
in the floor by the fireside
I prefer those to be well hidden
from your prying self

"nailing that closet was never so tough"


I wrote a poem out of nothing and everything. We hoard keepsakes of material things apart from our memories. And I tried to create a poem from that memory, keeping out material things. Anyone else who does this, I would love to read it. I offer it as a prompt for We Write Poems...

Sunday, October 09, 2011

alley and valley

music in my mind
flows into yours
intermingling both of us

love clutches my belly

I want to know why
the heart feels that flutter
while I learn you with my body

love clutches my belly

in the essence of you
I fall into overwhelming depths
to rise again to the fore

love clutches my belly

if it goes on like this
I will make that my banner
and post it in an alley

rambunctious tale

it was a close call
I jumped out of the coffee mug
that spoon saved my life
in the fallow garden near that pond
gulliver had visited me
saved me from the swallows-
gave me the obsolete mug to rest my case
I admire him for offering me crumbs
now I will read the rambunctious newspaper
until you get that automobile for my ride

"first tell me, why did want to scald me with hot coffee?"


it was love at first sight
that's what I thought.
I anticipated much-
river of emotions
to flow in between.

"but he was so enthralled by
friday night football"

Friday, October 07, 2011


you stand so aloof
yet the stillness of your body
throbs against my own


I rub my chin
each pore of yours
is doorway to heaven

heaven I find
deep in your eyes
iris reflecting
I caress your spine

haunted by your scent
I house myself
in periphery
of my disintegration-
amalgamating into you

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


in my universe
it was a landmark
I turned eighteen
jump started life
already in college
studying intricacies of chemistry

just another day that dawned
eighteen, eighteen, eighteen

starry eyed
I had a flawed logic
all was well with the world
perfection I saw in everything
idealism was my motto
backing out wasn't

just another day that dawned
eighteen, eighteen, eighteen

next five years set my course
with ups and downs I sprang forth
I lost my love
numbers rendered sanity
chemical equations 
replaced equations of life

just another day that dawned
eighteen, eighteen, eighteen

that impact has lasted till date
I eject out flaws
and move forward
children show me the path
I pretend I do
a mask no one understands

just another day that dawned
eighteen, eighteen, eighteen
I am yet to preen


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads have set a Musical Challenge, to "listen to the song(s) while going through your personal history, revisit pictures and memories and write a poem which will be your own chant". To know more check it out hereOn my 18th birthday, Jump by Van Halen was number on US charts. I am not happy with my efforts but I am leaving it as it is, for now.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

no song, this is?!

Away to the Sky by beloavaan at deviantART
with a muddled brain
I jumped from the roof
(gravity worked strange)
I landed on top of a cloud

when a giant bird pushed me again
I found some balloons
I stilled my heart, bent my ears
became a blind bird

no one wrote a song for me
or spoke about me
I now move over castles
waiting for a free fall

'when I kick you with my weightless feet,
all will know you killed me'

Monday, October 03, 2011

wings of fire

I am thankful for the wings
as I circle over the church
don't you remember how I was lost
looking for signs in the concrete jungle
as I trudged alone in the cobbled path
flying is an adventure
the fearful birds give me a wide berth

in my present state I look down,
see myriads of beings fighting for space.
And I fly far away

Sunday, October 02, 2011


I wrote that headline in my note book
you tore it
lonely page wandered
bereft of energy
a joke you said
I know better

music is the only language you understand