Wednesday, October 05, 2011


in my universe
it was a landmark
I turned eighteen
jump started life
already in college
studying intricacies of chemistry

just another day that dawned
eighteen, eighteen, eighteen

starry eyed
I had a flawed logic
all was well with the world
perfection I saw in everything
idealism was my motto
backing out wasn't

just another day that dawned
eighteen, eighteen, eighteen

next five years set my course
with ups and downs I sprang forth
I lost my love
numbers rendered sanity
chemical equations 
replaced equations of life

just another day that dawned
eighteen, eighteen, eighteen

that impact has lasted till date
I eject out flaws
and move forward
children show me the path
I pretend I do
a mask no one understands

just another day that dawned
eighteen, eighteen, eighteen
I am yet to preen


Imaginary Garden With Real Toads have set a Musical Challenge, to "listen to the song(s) while going through your personal history, revisit pictures and memories and write a poem which will be your own chant". To know more check it out hereOn my 18th birthday, Jump by Van Halen was number on US charts. I am not happy with my efforts but I am leaving it as it is, for now.


Kerry O'Connor said...

18 is a watershed time of one's life.. the bid for independence and so many mistakes to be made and lessons to be learned from that day.

That you for participating in the Wednesday Challenge on Real Toads.

Kenia Santos said...

Yes, eighteen is certainly a landmark in life. How old are you now? Do you miss adolescence? Sometimes I do but other times I'm just glad to have grown up and beyond it.

Thanks for participating in the Wednesday Challenge on Real Toads.

Take care and keep smiling. <3

Victoria said...

That's soooo long ago for me, but I do remember the idealism and still tend to want it back even after all the life lessons I've been through.

Effective use of the refrain for this poem.

Nanka said...

Growing up comes with all its flaws to be rectified as we reach adulthood!! Important year 18 comes with a confused child-adult!! Strange but true that children have simple solutions to adult confusions!! :)

andy sewina said...

Wonderfully candid poetry!


NaiSaiKu Time

Alice Audrey said...

My son is like this. His birthday is coming up in a bit, and he can't seem to get worked up about it.

Rallentanda said...

Don't you mean
'I'm yet to peak:)'..Ha

Old Egg said...

Oh don't remind me how beautifully confusing and wonderful 18 was. Great words.

Laurie Kolp said...

Jump... I haven't heard that song in so long. I was probably around the same age when it came out. Don't we think we know it all when we're 18? It's a tough age.

Linda Jacobs said...

I like the honesty and peek into your life!

lucychili said...

eighteen seems so close to the beginning of things. =)

Mary said...

I loved your reflectiveness in this poem. It is one of my favorites of yours. Age 18 is the crossroad into adulthood, I think. A difficult age, but an idealistic one. A year to dream and believe anything is possible.

The Poet said...

18...a time when we think we know it all & can conquer the world...smiling...wisdom & reality do indeed come with maturity!

Nicely done, Gautami!

Thanks for sharing & visiting.

Woman As My Friend And Lover

Willow said...

wistful, crushed, hardened, science the answer, I know you have preened, from your other poetry, yes 18.

Hazel said...

I'm loving my age now :)But 18 is an age when we all usually open our eyes to the world. When science is used as the answer to some of our issues, it does make us feel better as subjective emotions are out of the way.

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

That is golden year of youth.
I am glad I grow up.

Victoria said...

That was so long ago for me, but it still seems like yesterday. I hope I hold on to the enthusiasm and idealism of that time in my life--I try to, anyway. Think I commented on this before and wrote almost the same thing...just saw it!!!

Dee Martin said...

Oh to be that young and sure of everything again! Thanks for the reminder of those days :)

Anonymous said...

Eighteen is a time of chaos, disorder and change when adulthood is at the threshold:)