Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rescue......( addicted to 55ers)

“Bitch, may she suffer the way I am doing!” he sat there speaking to the sea.

“Help,” it came from the sea.

“Shit, some fool has got into the sea in this rotten weather.” He thought.

“Coming.” He shouted.

“Here, take my hand, we will be ashore in no time.”


He had rescued her!


the_ego_has_landed said...

I like the aspect of sea...has so many meanings...liked beyond her. Its sad...I'm a student too! But suicide..that's too much! Sad when parents do that

deepahnika said...

This one brought a smile on my face Gautami :). Try as you might you can never run away from your feelings, can u ,but right now, all i am thinking of is what hapens after the rescue. I mean, what does the guy feel when he realises he has rescued HER !! hmmm...foood for thought...:)) ..or maybe the blueprint for another 55er ;)