Sunday, February 05, 2006


Dark mystical eyes, bronzed skin.
Silk sari with shades of green,
Draping it around, she did preen.
Encircling thin golden chain
on her waist added to the sheen

Movement graceful, fluid and flowing.
Hair: dark, wavy and cascading,
Amber sunset lights flickering;
Richness of her sari, magical and reflecting;
Happiness within her bubbling and spilling.

Suddenly her joy was under attack.
Every plan of hers went awry and off track;
She slipped, almost damaging her back.
She lay on the bed, her mood so black,
Chewing her lower lip, looking at the almanac!


Anonymous said...

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Hoping to hear you..

V Murthy said...

Fine stuff indeed!

illusion said...


Anonymous said...


Its nice to see someone l;ike you to land on my blog & leave some compliments...thanks a lot!!
And me what I see on your blog...
Hope I can the name"Gautamy" very often in my blog..

Travel Safely..

gautami tripathy said...

Roy: Welcome! I will do that more often.

V Murthy: Thanks, Vasu.

illusion: Thanks.