Thursday, May 04, 2006


Wrote this for a writing exercise on Caferati. First one insults self and goes about insulting any two. See Writing exercise - poetry - insults. with a catch.

(1) Self

With a piece of chalk
I fool the kids

The sums I do
are seldom correct

My formula all wrong
basics gone to dogs

But do I care?
Why should I?

First generation learners,
they never complain

Working for govt
has its benefits

I stay on the job
as long as I want!

(2) Aparna Ray who always writes news in limericks!(due apologies!)

What have we done to deserve this?

Why do you write news limericks, sis?
So dull and boring
Utterly deploring
Sending you to Siberia will be a bliss!


Schrodingers cat said...

How do you manage to write so much. All the Haikus are awesome...especially 'Grounded'.


gautami tripathy said...

Thanks Manoj.

At times, I am unable to write. But for now it seems I can. Muse is kind.Writing everyday helps too. It kind os keeps the word flowing.

Aparna Ray said...

Lol, flattered to be on your blog :-))