Sunday, June 04, 2006

Law of Nature

Switching on the light
I found a slimy lizard
slithering on the wall
into a nook in there

After a while it was back
following a tiny insect
on a hot pursuit

Paused for a while
and was so still
watching the insect
waiting for a kill

Seeing no action
the insect moved
in that instant
the lizard swooped

In single moment
caught its prey and
swallowed it whole

In fascinated horror,
I watched it happen
rooted to the spot
with unblinking eyes

Law of nature.
Death for one is
food for the other!


Lady Wordsmith said...

Fabulous image! I can see the whole scene play out before my eyes and it delights me without any of your 'facinated horror'. Rather, I am comforted.

Your lizard visits me also - except here it's dry and scaly instead of slimy.

The lizard, when you think about it, is a modern prehistoric. Good commentary on nature's law how it's still here with us today.

Best to you Gautami - and continued poetic glances.


Darius said...

I think that sort of thing has bothered people for a long time - that life is arranged that way. I even remember in college reading a 19th century poem dealing with it.

Until and unless we ever decide as a society that we ought to be vegetarians in order to avoid causing unecessary suffering, I guess it's just a good thing we're at the top of the food chain...

Homo Escapeons said...

Life is a Bugger!

Lizard 1
Insect nil

That's why there are fifty billion bugs for every reptile.
I mean how would you like to be endothermic? On the plus side the lizard only needs to eat a couple of bugs a month because he doesn't waste all of his energy heating up his body.

Go Solar!

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks Lady Wordsmith! Your words are very comforting to me!

I have been asked how could I write poetry on a slimy lizard? But why not?

Those are good observations, Darius and homo escapeons.

Nature makes sure about the survival of the fittest.

Sangita said...

Nice poen abt everyday observation..

Phew I hate these word verfications