Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sonnet---------Why do you write?

A friend of mine asked me why do I write? Hence this sonnet:

Why do you write?

What do you write, why do you write
How do you express yourself so well?
Whatever you write makes us think, dwell
On things that are grey, not black or white
How do you interpose darkness with light?
How can you make us go from heaven to hell
You words manage to take us to new heights

I write because I have something to say
To show what I feel about the world at large
Something propels me to put my thoughts
On paper, certain issues make me sway
These feelings just issue forth and barge
Out of mind, thoughts are no longer noughts


Lady Wordsmith said...

Ahh Luvie, how grand. This is fine summary turned sonnet that reveals to all who read why you (and all poets) write! Luverly.

Don Iannone said...

And so well you do write
lifting us high as a kite,
Never drown your words in doubt
forever let them clearly shout,
Your words like golden rays of sun
make light and at times poke some fun,
Through your words we see you
a lovely woman oh so true.

Alankrita said...

and i write beecause i need to....bvcjai

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks Lady Wordsmith!

don: You write so well. Your poetry takes me to new heights. Hope someday I am able to write as well as you..

alankrita: That too!

Darius said...

I like the way you're using form - meter and rhyme - which hardly anyone does anymore, basically I think because it's a lost art. My favorite poetry involves the music of language - which means my favorite poets have been dead a long time!

I remember something called "scansion" or "scancion?" not sure the exact spelling. It was a way to analyze the meter of a poem. I have the feeling some of your lines in this one don't stay on the meter you're trying to establish, but unfortunately I can't explain it. Sometimes for me it helps to hear the meter when I read aloud, but I've forgotten how to mark things up with scansion marks so you can see it...

Nirek said...

that nice and befitting reply to your fren's question. Most of us blog for sheer love for expression of thoughts

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks Darius.

I am a free verse person. I couldn't write structured poetry. But I thought as much as I love those classic poets, I must give it a try. I take the contemporary context and give it the structured form. Yes, there are some discrepancies in my work. I am trying to improve on that.

Its becos I am only sticking to the rhyming pattern. About scansion, I only heard the word very recently.

I never wrote a word of poetry before Aug, 2005. So am learning the ropes. Be patient, give me a little more time.

I need critics like you to improve.


gautami tripathy said...

Thanks satu for the visit. Keep coming back.