Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My blogger friends

Over the last few months, I have made many friends over the net. A few fizzled out after initial euphoria but there are some which I feel will be of the lasting nature.

Blogging has helped me in making friends with people whom I wouldn't have met otherwise. We go and visit each others blogs whenever we want to, without any obligation whatsover. One gets different perceptions. No one judgemental of the others' post or way of thinking. We respect each others space. We even support each other in times of need. We are all different, in culture, religion, country etc etc. I am enriched by knowing them, knowing about them.

Starting with no particular order I must mention a few of the blogs I visit and learnt much. darius's gospels are full of knowledge and wit. So is his occasional poetry.

fills me with positivity. He is kind and writes poetry which have always good words to say. Cheerful and much needed. I am blessed for knowing him.

donn Coppens otherwise known as homo escapeons' posts really hilarious stuff. On the whole, his posts appear witty but those are done in such a way that one can get to the underlying irony. I have gained much from his posts. He takes us all over the world. His blog is a journey of sorts.

About within without what can I really say? I like to be on his space ship. Thats about it all.

There are a few who visit me and leave encouraging comments. ghost particle is one friend who has always been there.

Ashish has not commented on any my posts but I have linked his blog to mine and do visit him and read his posts. He too is very informative and his rants are a pleasure to read. He writes serious stuff which hit the nail on the head!

For those I left out, I think they deserve a separate post. I will come back with that in a few days.

Thanks you all for being there. Just your presence makes me feel so happy. I am very glad I know you all.


Ghost Particle said...

heyya buddy! hemmm ok a very sentimental post...but we are a family so we must be happy! we will forever, that I promise and thanx for the pointer!

Don Iannone said...

Gautami...thank you so much. You're very kind. I value you equally. Namaste!

Homo Escapeons said...

You are such a swettie!

Homo Escapeons said...

I mean sweetie DOH!

gautami tripathy said...

Ghost, we ARE family.

don: Thanks.

homo: about time!