Sunday, September 03, 2006


I gave it much thought before writing it here. I don't want to get into blog wars. I steer clear of it. This time too I will only say what I have to, on my blog. Blog wars tend to get ugly. Suddenly every one gets nasty. A few take sides. Thats human nature, I guess. I am neither against one or nor for the other. I am not indifferent but I refuse to comment either way. As I say, our thoughts are our own. If one thinks the worst of me, so be it. I know I did not do anything to merit it.

The point is, I got lots of anonymous comments on my blog even though I stayed away from it. After the initial curiosity, I kind of closed the chapter. That did not stop a few from insulting me. A few assumed lots of stuff I never ever said or wrote, anonymously or otherwise. True, I do have some inkling who posted those but its not for me to say so. How can I do that? It's not my place. As I did not write those comments, I do have a right to say something in my defence. Why did a few assume I started it? How did I do that? Why would I do that? What do I get out of that? Thats one question, all of us need to ask ourselves.

Heaping insults on me or any other human being, how does it help a cause? We will have differences of opinions. I feel we should have that. It makes us grow in all directions, it reflects on our perceptions. Diversity should be accepted if not welcomed. Why do we assume that everyone else should think the way we do?

It was kind of interesting. Someone who used to praise my short verses, ended up saying the opposite here(or should I say he was downright insulting?) because he was piqued. Why? Because he did not like me to post one of my works with a picture. How can he decide what I post or what I do not? Poetry is deeply personal. I do not write to please anyone. Most of my poetry, I write for my own pleasure. I put those on my blog. I do not cater to anyones whims. Good or bad, its not for you to say. Only a very few have that deeper knowledge to get into the finer nuances of poetry. I can count only one or two people in that way.. All others are just as good or bad as me.

Critiques are welcome. Negativity is not. What you put on your blog is yours. What I put on my blog is my own. I hope all of us understand that. As I said before, if we can't be adult enough to accept that then let us be childish and not be friends any more.


Don Iannone said...

Gautami...sorry you experienced some unpleasantness via your blog. People sometimes project onto others what they feel towards themselves. Hopefully this person(s) will figure that out and no longer see you as his/her object, Blessings to your blog and the sacred words and images you post here.

Ghost Particle said...

//Good or bad, its not for you to say.//

This is where everything converges. IN one hand you want people to read it, in the other place, we cant tolerate comments. I agree with you that opinions are personal, but then again we have opened our writings for critique. It is wrong for people to be childish, to be critical in our creative pursuits, but it is ok for them to comments negatively. the good thing is we can know their nature and dont have to reply to them. The bad thing is, this negativity is viral, they spread.

Its not a mystery, but more like a cycle of stupidity. So dont worry, watever we do online nowaydays are open for trashing, but in the end we did do something, and the next time we dont be insulted. The rest are just temporaries.

gautami tripathy said...

don:I experience unpleasantness for no fault of mine.Now I am ok.
Thanks for your blessings.I need those, as always.

Ghost:This post concerns a blog war(I was not one of them) and the aftermath was a lot of anon comments spewing poison on my blog. I was in no way involved but a few assumed otherwise. I don't have the time nor the inclinations for it..(I am more concerned for my right arm, which is still a little stiff).

Yes, I know...we open ourselves to trashing. But as we say, we have to move on..

Homo Escapeons said...

Just say the magic words that we learn in kindergarten..
That will drive them crrraaazzzzyyy!

gautami tripathy said...

homo: I feel ignoring them and being silent is more effective.That drives us humans nuts!