Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Niggling Doubts

nothing left to salvage of
what was once a beautiful relationship.
only debris which needs to be cleaned
to be thrown away like garbage,
not be thought of again.
as all has to be spick and span
for a fresh start with a clean slate.

so why do I feel this pang,
this niggling pain,
which refuses to let go
and forbids me
to say goodbye to you?


Before all of you assume that I am being, well, you know what I mean..I must tell you that I wrote it for an exercise named two word challenge. You can find that here. It has to have the two words "say goodbye" in any piece..prose/poetry... one writes.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like this --- it has been many years since I've been in that situation, but I still remember so much of it. Some things never leave you.

Tim Rice said...

I think any broken relationship whether marital or otherwise that was once very close leaves these kinds of pangs.

Pat Paulk said...

Gautami, thanks for the explanation at the end. A very good poem!!! I love the word "niggling", it sounds like its meaning.

Amalendu said...

well-said Goutami...

Romeo Morningwood said...

You can't throw away everything you have to learn from the the steps to dealing with death...denial etc.

The worst part is accepting that you have failed at something although it usually takes both people to wreck a relationship.
I wish that we could get rid of our BAGGAGE so easily... but you are right we cannot dwell on it or it will eat you up inside... there is always that little part of you that keeps niggling....

Don Iannone, D. Div., M.Div., MA said...

Great poem. Really like it. Wishing you ever so well.

gautami tripathy said...

I wrote this for a writing exercise as mentioned in my post. It seems this verse struck a chord with most of us. We have been there done that. One can't simply throw away feelings. It is always there in the recesses of our minds.

Thanks j.andrew, tim, pat, amalendu, homo and don for the comments.,