Saturday, October 14, 2006

Simply being a female

all of a sudden
nothing makes sense
even though my mind knows
but my tongue lets loose
and I behave like a virago
bitchy and unreasonable
to all those who try to reason it out
i leave them bewildered till it dawns
it's that time of the month
when no reason will get through me
to my mixed feelings, angry thoughts.
one has only to understand
this is all temporary
lasting a few days

and i get back to my
sunny, smiling self
unreasonable in other ways
which is more bearable….


Well, as we all know PMS makes us this way....


Ghost Particle said...

man! the wonders of being human...
we guys have the same conditions after the sports weekend...and non soccer season times. :D

iamnasra said...

A brave women leads her life with a smile

gautami tripathy said...

ghost particle:Compare it with the soccer season? Typical male reaction...

iamnasra: Who was saying anything about not being brave? What has hormones got to do with bravery?

samuru999 said...

This can happen...
simply be a female!!!!
I like this!
Very good!


polona said...

you described those days so well...

Within Without said...

Shoulda known, I guess! Welcome back to the land of the living, Gautami (just a joke!)

gautami tripathy said...

samuru999: lol! But I can never give up being a female.

polona:gee, thanks! Only another female will understand trhe state of mind in those PMS days!

within without: Why should you? Men seldom understand anything that has to do with a female! Thanks for the welcome. I prefer the land of tyhe dead though...:D

Within Without said...

Because some of us has been around long enough to know that PMS and hormones DO affect the lovely feministas, whether they want to admit it or not!

(But I didn't want you to bite my head off for saying or assuming so)


(*Runs away into forest waiting for answer and is eaten by Bengal tiger, a less horrible fate*)

gautami tripathy said...

Within without: Hmm. So true. Females do accept it but males think otherwise. They think that a female is putting it all on. You can't imagine how does that make us feel. PMS is nothing to be laughed about. Though I have known a few females who are completely unaffected.

Truce? Did we ever fight?

Forest have been cut down by human animals. No bengal tigers there!