Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Leave death alone

leave that razor alone,
death is no solution.
talk to me what ails you
i promise to listen.
i will not be judgmental
i will reason it out.
maybe I will just be silent
while you listen
to your own words.
let sanity prevail,
let life live.
death is so easy,
living is a challenge.
give it a chance,

much is at stake-
that is-your life!


Right now I feel too raw and bleeding but sanity did prevail on the person concerned.


Pat Paulk said...

Glad to hear sanity prevailed.

samuru999 said...

Gosh, I too am glad sanity prevailed!
Very good writing!


Keshi said...

wow was this for me? U'd know what I mean if u read my post from yday.

**let life live.

ty! Im truly grateful for this post.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

powerful!! glad it's o.k.

floots said...

"raw and bleeding" indeed - i can imagine how you must feel
powerful stuff and i'm glad the outcome was a positive one

Ghost Particle said...

strong feelings. Amazing is the human brain and how we constantly ignore it to do silly things.

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polona said...

i, too, am glad that sanity prevailed.

getzapped said...

Heavy - though it sounds like some light got through. Keep it shining...

Keshi said...

ty Gautami!


Kranti said...

"Let life live". Amen!

Amalendu said...

In hindi they say: "Mrityu bhar ka fasla", meaning the Miniscule distance of death...
good write Gautami...

gautami tripathy said...

It was and still is painful. But I think the tide has turned. And all should be ok.

GEL said...

Relief swept over me that suicide did not happen. (Unfortunatley, I can imagine how zapped you must feel.) Take care