Friday, November 24, 2006

On the roads

Any normal day in Delhi

On the roads

i traverse the same path
over and over again
sometimes silent,
at others screaming.

crowds that are same
and yet not quite.
most in a hurry,
few pausing;

business as usual.
time running out
but a few don’t care.
i pause, savour, inhale;

the redolent air,
filled with essence of you.
i whirl back
with sudden awareness

of you gone from my life.
your memories are
all I have left for now,
bereft of any soul.


polona said...

how often do we walk the same path over and over until we realise it's time to move on... great stuff!

Pat Paulk said...

Traffic jam of bad memories. Light definitely needsd to turn green. Excellent!!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

(You need to come to Van Buren for a while, I felt claustrophobic just looking at that photo!)

Anonymous said...

lovely post. good that you had moved on. :)

P.S. the picture reminds me of the daily crush of motorbikes at the checkpoint between my country and it's neighbour.

Kranti said...

That took me back to Karol Bagh. Oh, of being amidst a crowd and a lonely heart! Good one Gautami.

samuru999 said...

Wonderful poem Guatami!
You are so talented with your words!


gautami tripathy said...

Right polona. There is always something new in that same path.

gautami tripathy said...

pat, this is funny and apt!

gautami tripathy said...

andrew, are you inviting me?

gautami tripathy said...

dnake1, one has only only way to go. Move on.

gautami tripathy said...

kranti: welcome to my blog. Karol bagh, daryaganj, IITO. it's all the same here!

gautami tripathy said...

margie, thanks. So are you...

Homo Escapeons said...

I can't imagine navigating through that throng of people!?
Wow...the redolent air!

Especially with that sea of faces and my mind racing to find a memory or two. With so many people to choose from your mind would be working overtime and trying to shut down at the same time.

Your vision of a a lost face in the crowd was very sad...were you thinking of someone from long ago or a recent departure.

gautami tripathy said...

Well h. e., most part of India is like that. So we are used to it. Infact the day there is some kind of strike, Delhi seems dead. I like the moving people. It is so revealing to watch them.

Aren't most of us looking for a familiar face in a crowd?