Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Five unknown aspects about me

I was tagged by Russell Ragsdale for this. Without getting into long discussions about it, here goes my list:

1). I like to knit. It is the biggest stress buster for me. Not even my closest friends are aware of this fact. All my knitting I pass them off as done by my mom.

2). I like to walk barefoot at home in summers. The coolness and the solidity of the floor soothes me.

3). My middle name is Sujata. I was named after the untouchable disciple of Siddhartha Gautam who was named Sujata.

4). I love to fly kites. Those give me a feeling of soaring and merging into the never ending sky.

5). Time permiting I can sleep for days and if the need arises I can go without sleep also for days.

There are many other facts but I would rather keep those to myself..:D

I tag dsnake1, lotus reads, whitesnake,margie and sage. I look forward to your inputs if you do play it.


sage said...

thanks for the tag! I just did this, but I'll also give you the credit too! I actually like to go barefoot inside year around (remember my picture of my feet in front of the fireplace). I like your middle name. BTW, I would love to hear your take on Deepa Mehta's films sometime.

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, Gautami, these memes are a wonderful way of getting to know our blogger friends! I love to walk barefoot myself but unfortunately our floors here in Canada are much too cold for that luxury. I love the name 'Sujata', it was also the title of one of my favorite Hindi movies (I think Sadhana starred in it). Kite flying was another favorite thing for me to do as a young girl - this year I am going to teach my kids to fly a kite. I envy you being able to stay awake for days on end...imagine how much can be accomplished if we would just forfeit a night's sleep!

Thanks for tagging me, look for it this weekend at my anthropology blog!

Anonymous said...


i used to
make kites
and fly them

so long ago i'd forgotten, but i do remember the absolute joy of flying


Margie said...

Your middle name is very nice...
My mom taught me to knit...I have not done it in a long time though, But I do enjoy it!
I love to walk barefoot whenever I can in summer.
I wish I could get more sleep than I do...I stay up too late!

And you tagged me...I do not like to do them...maybe I will do it!
I am kind of shy, and do not like to talk about myself!
But, thanks for thinking of me!
I appreciate it!
Take care!


Russell Ragsdale said...

What fun! Thanks for putting that up! I'm glad to know your middle name, its very beautiful. Way to be GST!

dsnake1 said...

Sujata -"one who brings luck". that's a lovely middle name u have.

as a kid, i made my own "fighting" kites. i don't fly them now. and i walked around my house barefooted the whole year round. i like the cold of the floor tiles on my soles. :)

gautami tripathy said...

sage: Thanks. I will write about water. It is in last five nominations for oscar. YOu know, the shooting was done in SriLanka as they could not do it in India.

gautami tripathy said...

lotus: yes! I look forward to read you in the weekend. I have been busy lately. I do not even get to read.

gautami tripathy said...

/t: Oh, the joys of kite flying. I seldom get any time now.

margie: thanks. Please do. I look forward to it.

russell: thanks for tagging me. I am enjoying this.

dsnake1:My mom named me Sujata and dad, Gautami!