Sunday, January 14, 2007

A meme with letter "P"

Actually I was given "Q" but lotus was kind enough to change it to "P." She couldn't risk being killed with my bare hands…:D

So here I have to write about ten things I love which start with letter P. I might have missed out on a few others. These are in no particular order.

Panther: For its majestic stance and royal looks.

Pink Floyd: I grew up listening to that group. My love for it continues

Pyramids: Mostly for mathematical reasons. And of course the Egyptian ones.

Purse: why not? It contains my credit cards and my money and a book or two.

Purple: this is a rich colour which some how soothes me. Check out my haiga “Purple Haze.”

Puppets: I used to organize puppet shows at one time. Nothing like a puppet show which brings smile on child’s face.

Prosody: the study of rhymes, rhythms and construction of poetry. Need you ask why? Prose, poetry, poets all come into this.

Photographs: Especially the old ones. They take me back on time.

Pastries: I can’t resist those. I simply love the black forest one. Bad for my body but great for my taste buds.

Peppers: Great for the immunity system. They have the capability to numb my brain for a short while.

If anyone wants a letter, just buzz me....


gautami tripathy said...

I took it up as I did not have any thing to write about. My mind seems to be blocked for now. Thoughts are there but outlet is kind of shut down.

Borut said...

More p's please!:)

polona said...

nice meme.
i'm sure the words will come...

sage said...

yeah for pink floyd. don't know why you had a problem with posting on my blog, but you were not the only one. I hope it isn't due to anything I've done.

Whitesnake said...

Purple huh!
Deep Purple I hope.

Paul said...

Gautami, I am sorry to learn that you suffer from, as you say, actual silly fits - back on Firebird's blog. But the peppers should help with this.

andrea said...

I like this meme idea -- and I love your choices!

Margie said...

Very good job on this Guatami!
I love purple too!
It must have been so much fun to be invloved with the puppet shows!
Children adore puppet shows!
Take care!


Pat Paulk said...

Kind of partial to the letter "P" myself!!

Kai said...

this is very interesting...

i also have the letter P list


Lotus Reads said...

Yeay, Gautami, you did the meme! :)

I'm with you on the panther, pink floyd and the colour purple (although my favorite colour is still blue).

How nice that you used to organise puppet shows once upon a time, I'll bet you were a big hit with all the kids!

And no surprise to find poetry and prose on your list - I kinda thought it would head it! :)

Keshi said...

Pink Floyd I like...


puerileuwaite said...

You neglected to include pugs in your meme. Especially since we also enjoy Pink Floyd AND pastries. But it is a pleasure to meet you despite the omission.

gautami tripathy said...

borut: isn't it enough?

polona: thanks. I wish them to come soon.

sage: nothing to do with what you posted but I have commented on each of yourposts lately and those never showed up.

whitsnakle: yes, deep purple too. How can I forget that!

gautami tripathy said...

percival: the pepper is needed to dull my senses so that I can deal with you better..:D

andrea: thanks.

margie: I enjoyed those puppet shows as much as the kids did. It was great fun. I think I should do it again. I love collecting puppets too.

pat: I do not wonder! how about you writing on P?

gautami tripathy said...

kai: I like your list. Why not write individually?

lotus: I finally did. I think I will take on that six weird things about me too. Anything to make me write, to make my words flow, to get my dead mind alive...

keshi: So do I, girl!

puerilewaite: I hope I gotit right, your name that is! Hmm. You too seem interesting. As you say despite the ommision of pugs, everything should be all right, SOMEDAY!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

pretty powerful! :)

Amalendu said...

people plus places...

gautami tripathy said...

andrew, amalendu: thanks...:D

david santos said...

Very Good.
Tank you

gautami tripathy said...

welcome david.

Serena said...

great list!