Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Narcissistic misery

flowing from my pen,
inky music accords
honour to my thoughts,
consisting of
narcissistic misery
with hardly any words.
chronicle of catastrophe
mingles with the blood of
my prosody.


floots said...

a day's teaching often made me feel like that
hope you feel better

polona said...

aww... well done, gautami!

Kai C. said...


Percival said...

Slimy chalk and pens that make your hands bleed. Whew.They really need to give you guys better supplies over there.


Keshi said...

r they the blood of ur emotions...wow u write so well!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well said! I've had many of those days.

whitesnake said...

The key is yours my dear.

Borut said...

Returning your visit and comment!:) Narcissistic misery - describes a portion of my life so well. Thank you!:)We all have it. Self-pity masquarading as self-importance. And vice versa - a wise man once said!?:)

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, I am always impressed how you take mere words and string them together to form something with so much depth and emotion. Well done, sweet friend!

Pat Paulk said...

Well I don't teach, but I can imagine. None of that for me. Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

in creation

script & scripture

nice work, gautami


sage said...

I like that phrase "Narcissistic misery" Sometimes I suffer from it

gautami tripathy said...

Floots: Oh, I am fine!

polona, kai: thanks

percival: Why don't you send in the supplies?


gautami tripathy said...

keshi: I think you are biased, girl!

andrew: haven't we all?

whitesnake: what key? I lost it!

borut: ah, well....narcisstic misery is something we all thrive on.

gautami tripathy said...

lotus: You are being too kind. You do reviews of books so well.

pat: It has nothing to do with teaching. Did I give that impression?

/t: Thanks. Your art work teach me so much. I go there, stare and think.

sage: yes. We all do. Some more than others.

President Jimmy Carter said...

Narcissistic misery is what school teachers get when they stubbornly refuse to behave themselves.

puerileuwaite said...

I admire your phrasing. "Narcissistic misery" is clever.

gautami tripathy said...

Jimmy boy, what are you doing on my blog? Go back to your peanut farm?

puerileuwaite: Thanks. Isn't it what happens most of the times?