Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Reality Of Fantasy---Sunday Scribblings

I stumbled upon Sunday Scribblings by chance. I found a writing prompt for fantasy here at #43-fantasy. I thought why not give it try. Sometimes we do need prompts for writing. Here is my Sunday scribbling in the form of a poem.

The Reality of Fantasy

winter rain plummets
akin to view from a comic strip,
end to end,
blurred highlights
from a solitary lantern
in the corner
feeds into fluidity
of the world.

I merge into darkness,
searching for light
scattered into unknown;
lexis upturned
within carton of
if vocalizations were
to be reproduced

would you
or I want it


polona said...

interesting vision. i like this.

whitesnake said...

Brilliance at it best

Keshi said...

darkness n light follow each other.


Amalendu said...

magic realism...I enjoy the writings on this...

Pat Paulk said...

Probably not. Would you?

david santos said...

Very nice!
Tank you.

magiceye said...

abstract fantasy!

gautami tripathy said...

Thanks polona, whitesnake, keshi, amalendu, pat, david and magiceye for the comments!

Poetry by Kai said...


Borut said...

I'll merge into darkness with William Blake: The world of imagination is the only true world...

Rethabile said...

Cool poem, cool blog. Thanks for the visit.

Percival said...

"Count thyself neither playwrighte nor poete until such time as thou hast bested me at silly verse."

Romeo to Juliet, Act II, Scene III
Shakespeare: The Working Drafts

Homo Escapeons said...

A wonderful wet dream.
Your solitary lantern burns bright...
and I am fully prepared to be rephrased...
you go first..
I'll be right beside you...
well maybe right behind you because you are obviously much braver than I am.

samuru999 said...

Excellent writing, Guatami!
I enjoyed it!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like the way you tell this one -- smooth

Inconsequential said...

'tis tres cool :)

floots said...

that last stanza pulls it together so well
and it becomes as much about

like it

gautami tripathy said...

Kai: thanks girl!

borut: We call it maya, illusion in Hinduism. Real world does not exist. It is all maya.

rethabile: I simply loved your blog.

gautami tripathy said...

percival: I do not converse with silli billi so called mediaval poets!

homo escapeons: lol! Wet dream! I will be damned. It was not what I wrote about but if you see it that way, it is ok. The reader is the king.

Brave, yes, that I am! I am not scared to traverse unknown path.

gautami tripathy said...

margie: thanks. Glad you likedit.

andrew: Thank you. I think writing prompts are working for me.

inconsequential: Cool! thanks for stopping by.

floots: I am so very glad of your interpretations. It works both ways.

Elspeth said...

Lovely poem and image. I love the lantern against the tree bark.

dsnake1 said...

interesting piece.

i like fantasy storie too, maybe i can try my hand on a fantasy poem. :)

Percival said...

Beware, then, the Ides of March.

Also (hint hint) I perforce changed the entry date of maidenly poemes as per mine latest post.

Tis said that all the finest poets first wrote nonsense verse. That thing about the chicken and the red wheelbarrow twas but nonsense verse taken seriously. And King Leer - the original version featured a lascivious emperor who punned incessantly.

I pass this on to you in the interests of culture.

Toward thine edification,
Percy B. Sillyspeare

Beloved Dreamer said...

Very interesting use of words and images. I like it very much. I have not been to SS only PT. I might take a look see. I just love your blog. You give me many ideas. Thanks for sharing.


gautami tripathy said...

elspeth: welcome. I appreciate your comments.

dsnake1: Do try it. Actually you can write a prose piece too. Anything..fact, fiction, imagination.

percival: persistence will get you anywhere!

beloved dreamer: Welcome. Thanks. Do chk out SS. I found it great.

sundaycynce said...

"solitary lantern in the corner feeds the fluidity of the world" You turn fanciful phrases so nicely. Magic realism--yes, it fits well in that genre.

Welcome to Sunday Scribblings. Hope you will come and share with us again.

GoGo said...

very nice.

gautami tripathy said...

sundaysynce: I will post in SS. I like it too much.

gogo: thanks.