Friday, August 31, 2007

Bard's Dilemma----Sonnet----[Friday] Fiction

This week, [Fiction] Friday asks us to pick a famous fictional character (for our purposes here it can be any character from fiction, mythology, legend, comic books…whatever) and give them a secret vice—at the very least it should be distasteful if not outright illegal. Now give the character’s rationale in their own words.

Bard's Dilemma----Sonnet

Otherwise known as bard, I have written plays-
tragedies and comedies, along with some sonnets.
My repertoire is vast, as I write nights and days-
poetry does not pay well, empty are my pockets.

Asking for money, I am somewhat always in debt
friends and foes both shun, when it is me they see
I feel like a heel but a man has to survive: dead set
to earn more, I found a way. Stress gone I feel free,

I have not given up composing, that is in my blood,
I write for the masses under another pseudo name.
There is no dearth of words, which can only flood
my mind and flow from my pen- on paper they tame.

Varied writing helps me eat more than baked beans-
as I churn out romances with explicit steamy scenes.


As there is a no edit rule, it is but a rough draft. I will polish it later on.


trinitystar said...

The master would be quite proud of you ... if not envious.
hugs ... have a wonderful weekend.

sage said...

Very nice, Gautami! A real tribute to the Bard!

paisley said...

you did and outstanding job with that... bravo!!!

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

LOL Ah yes, the bawdy Ol England. How I knew it well. Alas poor Gautami, we poets must seek greener pastures.

I posted my short story for the contest this morning.



Ingrid said...

The Bard as a racy Romance novelist. Now why did I not think of that one? Good job! I enjoyed this and it made me chuckle.

Tammi said...

So gooood! And this hits close to home for many writers. I just completed a bundle f articles about car insurance. Whatever pays the bills:)

lissa said...

Shakespeare writing romance novels - why not? Writers can't all write what they want - they need to pay the bills.

Nice job!

floots said...

you sent me off on a tangent with that thought of big bill eating baked beans
he always had food on his mind -
omelette prince of denmark
the taming of the stew
the grape of lucrece etc etc
(sorry - but you have led me astray from the other side of the world) :)

Paul said...

I don't know about further polishing, reads so well... and LOL! Poor Shakespeare. And when you think of it, there are a lot of "steamy scenes."

pjd said...

Thank you for the sonnet. Entirely appropriate and very enjoyable. But the question is, really... which was Will's true love? The serious plays or the erotic romance novels?

gautami tripathy said...

pjd, do read the bard's works to know which is real.

~willow~ said...

nice :-) seeing as I am *not* a fan of romance novels, let alone those with "explicit steamy scenes" I can certainly appreciate this "distasteful" secret, LoL! :-)

SuseADoodle said...

The poetry was wonderful. The comments made me laugh. Quite enjoyable. Now I want to KNOW that psuedonym ... **he he**

Don Iannone said...

Loved it, and very well written. Check out, a subsidiary of for self-publishing. No upfront costs.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

For a first draft, this is impressive, Gautami. It makes me think of this historical novel I read not too long ago by Faye Kellerman, in which Shakespeare is a character.

MX-Susan said...

Delightful, wry humor.
And lovely verse, you are talented.
What are you writing under what pseudonym?

And here in Mexico, having some and here in Mexico Bush's baked eans are a treat!

joezul said...

impressive. I'd say it's spot on what most poets are today. I certainly am i of those...