Friday, May 10, 2013

ocean within the mind

as if eternally etched there, constant is but
moving around, breaking into serrated ed
of the brain, vastness of those thoughts just

about turn around, hitting at the wedges
of time already passed, nonetheless effect
the convoluted shells in the mind’s ledge-

each crevice fills leaving no space. reflects
of the cogitation left behind, still have power
to mar. conquering the mind does not affect

the spirit, as untamed as it can be, towers
over, looking down with disdain at weakness
of consciousness. bottomless psyche showers

more of intellect, energizing the body. bleakness
disappears, like anything dropped into the ocean
is accepted, returned in some other way, uniqueness

retained yet different. slightest of change within, 
understanding with wisdom to be calmly serene. 


It was a pleasure to write a terza rima after a VERY long time.....


Anonymous said...

What stands out most for me in this poem is your use of enjambment, which makes the rhyme scheme less obvious.

Brian Miller said...

nice use of internal rhyme within as well to give an offbeat...makes for an interesting the line about anything dropped in the ocean as well...

vivinfrance said...

This is REALLY clever. I wish I understood the way minds work as well as you do!