Sunday, November 09, 2014


such a singer that owl
his eyes shine in the dark night
his fervor does not find favor with me
as I am at crossroads
all my plans in the mud

birds may symbolize freedom
I do not see a thread of it
in that owl's song
maybe I should let it sit on the crocus
or a rose or two

"the thorns would stop his singing
but the flowers would commit suicide"


Jae Rose said...

Sometimes you cannot be lifted out of chaos until you are ready...despite the birds and the flowers

Björn Rudberg said...

I find the last two lines especially touching...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

An intriguing write, the singing owl, no freedom in his song.....your closing lines are very effective.

humbird said...

It feels that the narrator in mixed chaotic feelings, can't enjoy the nature...maybe really here will be of help the crocus? ~ cheers :)x

Suzy said...

oh dear, that felt a bit depressing. Sometimes we are not ready to see or hear and draw our own confused conclusions.

oldegg said...

Sometimes it is hard to find beauty and goodness in anything. The haunting call of the owl can be disturbing as it often has a feeling of admonishment or warning. Your sad piece reminded me of the book "I heard an owl call my name" by Margaret Craven. The novel is about a priest in a Canadian first nations settlement.

G L Meisner said...

Oh yes our mood indeed affects how we see the world around us. Well written.

Anonymous said...

I liked the piece.
In a way, it made me smile smally.
I liked the "such a singer that owl is", to the narrator not seeing a thread of freedom,
to the idea that the owl could just "sit on it"
and maybe the singing would stop -
even if the flowers commit suicide.
Sacrifice is always just around the corner. Let's just get the owl off my back. Maybe I took the theme a step farther than it was meant - but I like it.

R.K. Garon said...

Powerful words!

Susan said...

I love owl as signpost, as actor in the speaker's mood ... and I can see stopping its singing. But I will accept the flower's suicide only if the speaker pulls out of the mud and survives!

Locomente said...

This is really interesting view!