Sunday, August 16, 2015

if only it was just a spider

go on, you have a feast
I will escape into solitude to meditate

my mind's engine has stopped
I want to empty it to move on

how do I generate a ghost,
any ghost, who makes me forget

torn, broke, I trudge deeper into the jungle
yes, I laugh aloud at my dare

my veins stand out but I am no longer torn
once I find the way, I will hit the sack

while you have a gruesome feast
with everything ghoulish

I know I irritate you all the time
with my enigmatic smile

"my parlor is the abode of a stray,
and you know, 
you can't get away any longer"


Sanaa Rizvi said...

my mind's engine has stopped
I want to empty it to move on

The mind is often a web of thoughts in which we get tangled. Excellent write :)

Lots of love,

brudberg said...

The separation never can be without pain even if it's needed...

Nataša Dolenc said...

sometimes we need to be by ourselves and meditate to recharge.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I know well the mind going round and round with its thoughts, and how we long for some peace. You captured it so well here.

C.C. said...

The idea of emptying the mind in order to move very aptly described.

Vandana Sharma said...

Some thoughts to relish!

SuyashJ said...

LoVe that last stanza

Old Egg said...

No matter how close we think we are to each other there is always a distance, a stranger in one of us that emerges once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I made a deal with my spiders. They stay away from my physical being and I will let them go about their business unharmed. So far, it's working quite well, love your weaving of this thought provoking web,


Moonie said...

great dark elements...

R.K. Garon said...

Well... you covered that well :-)

Keith's ramblings said...

Time to start again. A moody piece indeed.

G L Meisner said...

Taking the time to reset is good, but cleaning out the cobwebs isn't always easy.