Sunday, February 12, 2017

collapsing into you

on your skin, my fingers write a song
with my face half hidden in the crook of your neck.
the melody is soundless
with unusual rhythms

in the slumber, you move all of a sudden
sit upright, and challenge my light touches
you root for me, and I implode,
the resound of it resonates with the wall

within your arms, I am a limp rag
now your fingers write a song on my heated skin
slippery, sweaty, sensitized to you
yet again, I fall apart and you watch me with a half smile

I sit on the stool to comb my hair
the mirror reflects the aftermath of love
it is not enough, never enough with us
the want is ever present, the need rules

@gautami.tripathy 12 Feb 2017


sage said...

Your lovely words capture the desires of the heart

Keith's Ramblings said...

Overflowing with emotion, filled with passion. Stunning.

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brudberg said...

This is so hot with desire it steams.

madhumakhi said...

Oh my! What a passionate poem! It's torrid with desire.

gautami tripathy said...


torrid?? Pray do tell me how......

Tarang Sinha said...

Oh, this so romantic and beautiful! Very well crafted.
It's good to visit your blog after a long time. Do you remember me, Gautami? :)

indybev said...

Passion so well portrayed! Finely-drawn expression of intimacy. Applause from my corner of the world!

C.C. said...


Mary said...

So much feeling in your words.

Old Egg said...

How real your sensual words were, I almost turned away with embarrassment but voyeur that I am I stayed.

Iris said...

What an incredible title and opening.

joanna said...

It has been a long while since I visited your blog... so glad I did today, this was sublime.. perfect for the month of February the month we celebrate "love"

rooted in perfection~

kaykuala said...

never enough with us
the want is ever present,
the need rules

Very true! There may be a desire but is there enough reasons to justify it! There are a lot of 'nice to have' reasons which are not material!


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Beautifully sensual.

grapeling said...

captured just so ~

Pat B said...

A lot of passion portrayed in your words.