Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This news item in the newspaper deeply disturbed me. I am unable to get it out of my mind.

A businessman (32) shot his wife (30), (she has survived) with a country made pistol. After that strangled his seven-year old daughter before throwing her from his seventh floor balcony. He threw his sleeping nine-year old son too from there.

His sister and mother too were staying with him but he did not harm them.

According to him, he tried killing himself but the pistol jammed.

He sites financial difficulties but his family and friends say it was not apparent to them.

The big question is, what motivated him? And why? Why didn’t he jump after throwing his children? And why did he spare his sister and brother?

Will these ever be answered? Will he be able to live with himself? What about the mother of the children? Why? How? What?

Deeply unsettling.

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