Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hooked to Haikus!!

Adorning my grave

Blooming, blossoming
Flowers from the bough
Adorn my grave

Calming Sounds

Hustle bustle
Sounds of the bazaar
Calm me down


Hot winds
In the middle of summer
Melt my ice cream


void said...

neat..the first and the third one followed the rules of setting, subject and action in the three lines...but the action didnt probably fit in in the second one. And just wondering, should the 5-7-5 sylable rule be followed while writing a haiku?


gautami tripathy said...

In Japanese it is, but in English, at times it is not easy to stick to 5-7-5 syllable rule.

At time on can even write in five lines instead of the normal three.